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Depends who.

No one can answer that for you. Particularly without some context.

But yes, it depends. Who would you tell? How would it be received.

Would you become isolated from those around you (family, friends, etc.)? If so, would it be worth it to you?

There is always the possibility that there are others around you that also do not believe or have serious doubts, but lack the courage to come out themselves. You could be their encouragement to come out as well. So on Idealogical grounds, I want to say yes, yell it from the roof-tops.

However, if it means that your family would have nothing to do with you and it would bring lots of strife upon yourself, then I would think it isn't worth it. In that case, keep it under wraps for now and continue using places like this for support.

Zachory, Absolutely yes, if you believe it and if the subject comes up. Stand as tall and proud as a theist when they announce to you, "I am a Christian!" You can answer them, "Oh, that is interesting, I am a Freethinker, or secular humanist, or agnostic, or a Bright, or naturalist, or whatever you call yourself."

Personally, I have so many people who send me those gooey sentiments about some poor wretch who experienced a miracle that make you cry on reading them, and then you realize they are asking for money, for or your name on a list ... manipulation and exploitation cards, I call them. The people sending them mean well and are mostly good and decent folks with a strong faith in god and assume everyone else is too. They send these thinking they make a difference ... well they do make a difference, but for the scum bag who wants more people to exploit. 

Well, we aren't all believers in a deity. Some non-believers are angry, some sad, some depressed, or whatever, but sitting on a knife edge, not knowing whether you believe in a deity or not, or if you are leaving 0.01% chance that god does exist, the knife edge gets pretty darn cutting. (Excuse the pu). For me, I jumped off the edge and have never regretted it. 




Tell who? I have on occasion when the topic came up. Just don't go wearing "it" around on your sleeve like Christians do. You're better than that.

its your life, your views & perceptions, your wish




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