Should Maryland allow Same Sex Marriage? Vote now.

Your chance to vote in this opinion poll, regardless of where you live.    I did. 

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Yes - and I will vote.

Yes. I voted yes. It is hard enough in this life to find a person to love, really love. If two people find each other, good.

Voted and commented.  Would be good to see both Maryland and Washington added to the roles of those states supporting same-sex marriage.

Voted yes- there were a lot of "flagged for abuse" comments, uh oh.....

I found an offensive comic to inspire your fight for equality.


who cares the gender
as long as they're not pushing oxycondins on kids
fkn' pushers; cocaine dealers
jack booted bs fkrz! thugs...

should be ok otherwise


Done..........obviously only one answer....yes. :)




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