Should Morgan Freeman start wearing poloneck sweaters under his coat?

Forgive the silly title

I recently started watching "Through the Wormhole" and I must say Morgan Freeman seems to have a thing for controversy... Its not so much that I don't appreciate the kind of discussions that topics like "How did the universe come to be?" facilitate, especially for those of a religious bent. What bugs me about is is the big "God-fly" in my science soup. I could do without all the veiled taunting and soapboxing for controversial ideas. Perhaps I was expecting this to be too much like "Cosmos". Anybody else watch this show? How do you guys feel about it?

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I haven't watched the show but Freeman may be doing what his producers want him to do. He's from the deep south but it's my understanding that he is one of us.

He is also a producer of the show, though. Besides, like I said this is nothing against atheism or science. There ARE controversial issues in science, at least as far as religion is concerned. Exploring those in a show is not wrong or anything. It just feels kinda lacking... there is some interesting stuff there but it feels to me like all the gritty science bits get drowned out by the noise of other people's opinions.

I'll try to watch the show myself.

episode 1 of season 1 starts out with Morgan talking about the universe then asking "Are the wonders of our universe the result of a cosmic accident or intelligent design?"... a question they dont bother answering in the show because, quite frankly, its ridiculous. They also never explain why this is a ridiculous question to ask OR that almost no scientists in the relevant fields even bother with a dumb question like this. It annoyed me

I see why it would annoy you. All I remember is an interview with Freeman about this new show and someone mentioned him being "religious." He denied it and appeared as if they had just offered him poison to drink. All he would say is that he is definately not religious in any way.

It makes for good marketing. The fundies tune in thinking they'll finally have evidence for their side. They might not bother otherwise.

Or, it could simply be a way to make the topic more accessible, using more down-to-earth terminology to draw people in. But I'm leaning toward a marketing ploy!




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