Should religious fundamentalists be banned from jury duty?

I say 'yes.'

Here's my reasoning:

1. Faith is belief without evidence
2. Religious fundamentalists deliberately and openly apply a high degree of faith to the most important questions in their own lives
3. Therefore, they cannot be reasonably expected to rule on anything based solely on the evidence.

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Couldn't agree more
Mind you, there are times when bigots are helpful
Helpful bigots! Now you have my head spinning trying to think of the scenario ... it's not like I can google it or anything.
To be reasonable - I was just lashing out with logic - so to speak. Honestly, I contend that no group of people is more committed to the First Amendment than atheists.
yes, i think juries should consist of lawyers and retired lawyers and detectives and people who actually study what good evidence is... none of this stage show nonsense.
I would not mind getting rid of the Jury system all together but I dont think there is really a better option.
And a very logical conclusion it is. Not very practical, as Marcus suggests, but logical, nonetheless.
Actually, the Constitution doesn't say any thing about peers - what it says in Amendment VI is "...the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury..."
You know - you're right. I wonder where the 'peers' language came in?
how about my 'lawmen in the jury' compromise? ^
What about a fundamentalist judge?

Bailiff: "Put you hand on the Bible please."
Atheist defendant: "But I don't believe in God."
Judge: "Guilty!" (pounds gavel)
Lol. The worst would be a fundamentalist President. Who needs someone who thinks the end of the world will be a good thing with their finger on the button!
I think they gave Bush a fake button just in case.




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