Should stores divest Duck Dynasty merchandise as they did Paula Deen's merchandise?

Unfortunately, millions of Americans shop at Walmart, where they are inundated with things Duck Dynasty.  Since A & E is reviewing the show and probably dropping it due to  the comments made recently by the DD patriarch, shouldn't all the stores which carry DD goods be divesting of DD goods?  After all, Paula Dean lost her merchandising empire because she admitted to saying the "N-word" decades ago, while Duck Dynasty's patriarch has said much worse things about TWO groups, gays and African-Americans.  To make DD's case even worse, those comments were made in the name of religious belief!

So, my basic question is this:  Is what's good for the goose, also good for the gander???  Or will it turn out that there is a double-standard when it's a man who made bad comments?

(Please don't address freedom-of-speech re this matter, as what we are talking about are the consequences of that free speech.)

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This link will add to the discussion.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is a major hate group monitoring center and has successfully put racist militia organizations out of business.  While you are there, take a look at their map of hate groups in America.


In the end you may find a double standard still in place with this type of thing.

I read some things on the Internet about it today and also found out that DD's Phil is concerned about beastiality in America as well. Perhaps if you are really religious you are worried about you cow. I guess he has that right.  LOL

I think both situations are profound over-reaction. A simple disavowal of the statements by the networks would have been far more sensible.

I don't follow either DD or the Paula Dean show. So it ought to be kept in mind that all my statements regarding them are all from a point of great ignorance.

I did however read where someone theorized that t entire thing was a publicity stunt by A&E. The DD guy gains publicly making offensive statememt, A&E apolagizes therefore distancing themselves from t blame and stink,  A&E threatens to cancel show, and finally, A&E recinds threatened cancellation. 

As it stands, this is win /win for A&E. They get massive publicity for their show. Now every bigot in t country is aware of t show and its charactors and has their interest piqued.

And as A&E has apologized and even has made a show of threatening to cancel t show, they now can easily state none of it was their fault or doing. They can even claim to have been attemting to do t right thing.

Again, really Idk. But I thought that theory sounded interesting when I read of it




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