I'm undecided on this one, though I'm swaying towards the view that he shouldn't have been killed, instead just prevented from killing others. Was it right to kill him? What are the positives and negatives of his death? 


Morally what was the right thing to do? was it a lesser of two evils? 


How similar were/are the motivations of Al Qaeda and the US, they are both convinced that they religion is right are they not? 

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Koresh. Hello. McVeigh HELLO. yeah fck that bush family fellow conspirator; what?! I vote, I paid taxes; and hate on their bitch asses; xtian/islam rightwingers we of the freethought west love the east!

G r e y d o n S q u a r e



I understand that sentiment but realistically, this guy was a murderous nutcase and the world is better with him out of it. People are free to react in whatever way they choose. For me, it was a relief to finally have the job done after that idiot Bush squandered world support and all those years on Iraq and its nonexistent threats to out security.

True, Al Queda is still in operation, but I would challenge the idea that Bin Laden's death did nothing. While we certainly failed to strike when it would have made the most difference, letting him live created the perception that we're impotent and that individuals can make us live in fear without reprisal.


In the long run our best bet is to stop interfering with other cultures. If we don't give them reasons to hate us, they'll take care of extremists by themselves.

Al Queda is not a culture, but the populations of muslim countries are and we need to address the reasons why they support or at least tolerate the actions of extremists. These actions aren't justified, but the resentments that allows them to thrive are. No matter how many of them we kill, this won't go away until these cultures aren't being victimized by a much larger, more powerful and richer country.

As I said earlier in the thread, I was all for killing Bin Laden. I don't think it will generate significant resentment; most would agree that he had it coming.


The resentments I spoke of were related to the U.S. interfering with the self-determination of smaller countries.

It would be very interesting in deed as these countries seem to rely on black gold for there economy. They are able to get food for their country, by trading oil. Things will definitely change when the oil runs out.
I'm pretty sure serial killers, in the US, still get a trial once they are apprehended.  How despicable a persons actions are doesn't rationally justify denying them due process.  That should really be the end of this.
No trials for anyone who gets killed in a war.
If its a war then the Geneva Convention applies and you can't kill anyone who is unarmed.
If he was unarmed, then you're probably right. Still not feeling the guilt over it, though.

yeah, I guess the question should really be a two-parter~ "are we complete hypocrites who violate our own laws and morals? Yes.  Do we feel bad about it? No."


Thats pretty much why we have a 'war on terrorism' to begin with.

True - I'm still much more bothered by the injustices we committed that got this started. 9/11 made retaliation necessary, but we had been asking for it for a long time.


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