From Gary Smith:

There is a poll about whether the phrase "under God" belongs in the Pledge of Allegiance. Put in your two cents here. Scroll down - it's on the right-hand side.


Arizona Central News Poll


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Not in the Netherlands! There are some occasions when we´re expected to cry "Leve de koningin!" (Long live the queen) but if you don´t, nobody bothers you.
Well, Japan doesn't, but it's not a religiously fixated country, anyway. The Italians have crucifixes on their walls -- they don't NEED to say anything.
The Japanese national anthem is SO SERIOUS. o.o
Yeah. I remember being forced to say the pledge in homeroom when I just wanted to get a few more minutes of sleep. It doesn't make kids patriotic. Especially since it's taught before kids can comprehend what the hell pledging allegiance means and by the time they're old enough they stopped paying attention years ago.
What surprises me is that there is actually 16% against.  If you count the 'not sure's" and "don't give a shits" in with the "no's" it's actually 19.94%.  Higher than I would have expected.  Then again, maybe the numbers reflect out-of-state voters like us and not the God Fearin' 'Mericans from the Grand Canyon State.

excuse me, but there are humanists, agnostics, pagans, & atheists in the southwest, thank you very much - don't lump people all together like that, please.


that's like saying all of california and new york are still hippies and leftists and smoke you-know-what - and that is soooooooo far from the truth  :)

oh for pete's sake, (see i'm trying not to say the g-d word) !!!


The American Indians tribes are numerous there and they are not

g-d fearing (yuk, i hate that phrase).


p.s. pete refers to St. Peter - this is impossible !!!!!

I never did understand why "god fearing" was considered a compliment, or a recommendation.

I agree with what you say about "God fearing". I just hate it when someone says that somebody is " god fearin". It's just

a badge of stupidity.

Yep.  Then they'll turn right around and say "god loves you," or some other stupid thing.  (George Carlin: "God loves you!  And he needs money!!")


When I was in my early 20s I was walking with my date one night to a restaurant just off Hollywood Blvd. when a street preacher jumped in my face like a fun-house clown, and yelled "Jesus died for you!"  I don't know why, because I was still a believer at that time, but I yelled back, "I didn't ask him to!!!"


I think that was one of the moments that got me to thinking about the absurdity of one person dying for somebody else's crime.  Took several more years to realize that the whole book is fiction, but I finally did get that load of manure off my back. 


And that's why I call it the buybull.  'Cause I won't buy that bull.

I voted a few times. That's OK, right?
Dude, that's how the religious zealots get such a high yes scores.




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