From Gary Smith:

There is a poll about whether the phrase "under God" belongs in the Pledge of Allegiance. Put in your two cents here. Scroll down - it's on the right-hand side.


Arizona Central News Poll


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I noticed you can go back after a time and vote again. Of course, clearing cookies works too. I should see how many different ways I can vote.
Not even if Eisenhower's Ghost arose on the Fourth of July at the hour of Jefferson's death to rattle chains by my bed, (then came back to do it again 4 hours later at the hour of John Adams' death), would I consider it either constitutional or necessary.

Hurray!  Voting more than once works.  Have now done it 3 times here at work.  


@sk8eycat:  Are you from Illinois?  I ask, because I am, and you quoted our State motto. "Vote early and often." 

Heh!  No, I was born, raised, and still live in Southern California.  But I toured the US for 3 years when I was right out of high school, and I picked up a lot of old one-liners like that one.  (The show I was with played Peoria every year, and we played the State Fair in Springfield once.  That was a mess!  Outdoors.  Bugs hitting the lights and falling on the ice.  Ew.)
Thanks for the direction. I'm surprised that 1 of 5 have said no. Although 1 of 5 leaves a lot to be desired I thought we were more significantly outnumbered than that.
Maybe we should also leave out "with liberty and justice for all" 'cause that's pretty much not true either.
THAT is an excellent suggestion and your words - the ABSOLUTE truth!
Not to mention "indivisible"? Hah!
No it should not be there. With the hew and cry about getting back to the "way things used to be", that heinous phrase never was in the original that was written by a preacher!!!! His brother was a socialist! Egads! This stupidity came from the Catholic organization--the Knights of Columbus. Considering the thought about Catholics in this country it is clear the ighnorati no-nuthins know nothing about that portion. In fact they don't no jack, like stoppped up toilet stools they regurgitate whaever went down last. I was an original reciter and I was pissed when it came in, but only because it messed up the rhythym. It is a meaningless addition put there because of the cold wafr and godless communism. A piece of shit!
My vote is NO -- is should not be in the Pledge.  I agree with what Loren Miller said.
I don't think anyone here would vote yes. I vote no. Either way it's making a big argument over two words, but some people originally were making a big deal out of nothing to put those two words in.




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