I just listened to an interview with Michael Shermer on the Mile High Sanity Project podcast.  Shermer brought up the point that for some people there is a large social cost and thus deterrent to becoming (not the right word but I can’t think of the one I want) an atheist.  I didn’t go through this because I was never a member of a church.  But I am feeling some of it now that I’m trying to meet more like minded people to hang out with.


The atheist groups that I am aware of in my area are more purpose driven.  The meet more to provide information than they do to socialize.  While I completely agree that we need to help spread knowledge and provide others with the tools to think skeptically, we could do more.  I think we need more social activities (happy hours, whatever) to make it easier to those that might be leaving something that makes them feel safe and included. 


What do you think and do you have any suggestions?

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A couple of athiest friends of mine are thinking about starting "The Church of the Do-ers. Youd ont need God to do good. Athiests in action".

It basically consists of getting together on Sundays in matching T shirts to do good works (a community service project) and then eat together afterwards. The goal is to find and organize needs: help the elderly fix fences, do yard work, deliver baked goods to sick people, clean up streets, teach critical thinking / science to little kids, etc. And after the 2 hour project is done, share, socialize and enjoy a meal.

Start one in your community!




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