In one of their latest videos (top right) good ol' Kirk explains how his country is being "stripped from it's god given liberties" because children are being prohibited from opening the bible in their school (which they aren't) and prayer (which they aren't), the 10 commandments can't be displayed in public (they are, just not on goverment property, that's unconstitutional) and because gideons cannot pass the bible in schools (I wonder what he'd say if they Passed the Ku'ran too).

He has a solution, however. According to him a recent study has shown that 64% of professors in the areas of biology and psychology in the top 50 Universities are Atheist/Agnostics. To which he exclaims is the reason why non-theism has doubled in 20 years but to which I exclaim is likely the reason why they are the top universities in the USA.

This November marks the....wait for it..... 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species' and Ray Comfort has taken the liberty to write a 30-page introduction to Darwin's book which details Darwin's hate towards women, Hitler's relation to the theory, the lack of transitional fossils and the traditional "paint-painter design-designer argument. He plans to publish this along with a re-publication of darwin's book to which he will produce 50,000 copies of to give away for free to the top 50 universities.

Doesn't this make you wonder what Darwin's book have to do with the rise of Atheism?

That is not all however. Obviously what grand Ray and Kirk plan is complete without a little begging for money, despite all the books and donations they sold and received. That's right. With the help of YOUR cash they will produce another 50,000 copies of the Ad Hominem edition of Darwin's book and give them to the top 51-100th Universities.


Now I'm pretty certain that this garbage won't change anyone's mind even if they do read it (I mean, the book has a 1-star rating on their own website!) but what worries me is if anyone who is neutral about this [imaginary] controversy find him or herself reading this as their first reference to the issue can be misguided.

Do you people think there's something we can do, say, inform the universities in question and prompt the rejection of this bullshit in their libraries?


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There might be some kind of "This is an outlandish defamation of reality" legal bluhbluhbluh that can be used to halt production and distribution of his propaganda.

Myself, however, I am more of a fan of the idea of cutting his hands off. He'll still be able to speak, but not gesture, and idiots love gestures.

Of course, if these universities are, indeed, top, then they'd most likely reject his offer of free shit anyway, since he's offering FREE STAGE-FOUR STOMACH CANCER essentially. Ignorant High School boards of directors, on the other hand, may accept them with gusto.

As you can see from the book cover there is no indication that it is different from the original publication. It's pure blatant propaganda and misinformation disguised as the original work of Darwin. This is my worry.
I wonder how in the world they got the legal rights to do this? It is deception at its most hideous!
The Origin of Species is in the public domain.
Is it legal to present your work as a pre-existing public domain item? He is obviously and purposefully misrepresenting the item. If you present your item as a public domain item, doesn't that make it public domain?

Ooh, what we should do is put out his thirty-page addition with corrections.
Ignoratn HS boards where you are perhaps; I fear the board here in Tejas would jump at the opportunity to stock their library with these seeing as they were able to recently require an elective class in Christianity and change the wording in their science books to question (or make look questionable) the age of the universe/occurrence of the big bang...

(This was a reply to Jared's post but didn't show up under his for some reason)
Debunking the very book to which they are writing the forward, calling it the gospel on their video, this is what should be shown to every college professor across the country. Firstly, the "top 50", whatever they may be, and then all the rest. It won't be difficult. If we all send the video to our local colleges or our state universities then we should have them all covered.
Why don't they just re write the bible to their liking and pass it out on campus? It's not like they're not allowed to do so. Anybody can pretty much pass out anything with a point of view or for a cause, as long as it's not for profit. No, these folks do it in such a stealth and insidious manner it makes me sick!
I fear there's nothing that can be done at this point. Since the book is in the public domain and no longer holds any copyrights, this is perfectly legal. It is lying and misrepresenting at its purest form, however. Ray Comfort is a lying sack of shit, and this is just like him to do this type of thing.

Not only has he added the preface in his own words (and professes to not have misstated anything the book relates or to have quote mined), he has removed somewhere to the tune of 5 chapters towards the end. He hasn't given a reason for removing them; the only assumption I can make is that he's unable to refute them or footnote them to death with creationist bullshit, so he'd rather just pretend they weren't there.
There is something we can do. I'm prepared to inform these top 100 universities about the offer ray is making and prompt a rejection of the book. This shouldn't be too hard if the top 50 universities' biology professors are really 64% atheist and widely accept evolution.

Finding the top 100 shouldn't be that hard either. Any recent ranking of US universities should provide an accurate list of them.

I'll just list the reasons why they should reject this book and give em each a call or email. Anyone wanna join me? We can do this faster that way.
I'm in
Me too. I'm in.

Dibs on VA schools :)
Thanks both of you :). It would be quite simple with 5 or more people in total. All it takes is an email sent to the 100 top universities detailing Ray's plans, the deceptive and unscientific nature of the book, its promotion of intelligent design, the left out pages, the twisted text, ect.

It's most likely that the top 100 universities don't promote any "alternatives" to evolution and teach evolution as a science theory so we should be able to prompt an early rejection of the freely-given books.

I assume that if Ray goes on with his plans he will hide the fact that this book has been edited to such an extent to get students to believe it's an equal copy of the original.




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