In one of their latest videos (top right) good ol' Kirk explains how his country is being "stripped from it's god given liberties" because children are being prohibited from opening the bible in their school (which they aren't) and prayer (which they aren't), the 10 commandments can't be displayed in public (they are, just not on goverment property, that's unconstitutional) and because gideons cannot pass the bible in schools (I wonder what he'd say if they Passed the Ku'ran too).

He has a solution, however. According to him a recent study has shown that 64% of professors in the areas of biology and psychology in the top 50 Universities are Atheist/Agnostics. To which he exclaims is the reason why non-theism has doubled in 20 years but to which I exclaim is likely the reason why they are the top universities in the USA.

This November marks the....wait for it..... 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species' and Ray Comfort has taken the liberty to write a 30-page introduction to Darwin's book which details Darwin's hate towards women, Hitler's relation to the theory, the lack of transitional fossils and the traditional "paint-painter design-designer argument. He plans to publish this along with a re-publication of darwin's book to which he will produce 50,000 copies of to give away for free to the top 50 universities.

Doesn't this make you wonder what Darwin's book have to do with the rise of Atheism?

That is not all however. Obviously what grand Ray and Kirk plan is complete without a little begging for money, despite all the books and donations they sold and received. That's right. With the help of YOUR cash they will produce another 50,000 copies of the Ad Hominem edition of Darwin's book and give them to the top 51-100th Universities.


Now I'm pretty certain that this garbage won't change anyone's mind even if they do read it (I mean, the book has a 1-star rating on their own website!) but what worries me is if anyone who is neutral about this [imaginary] controversy find him or herself reading this as their first reference to the issue can be misguided.

Do you people think there's something we can do, say, inform the universities in question and prompt the rejection of this bullshit in their libraries?


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I say we write a 50 page forward to the Bible, get a bunch of copies printed, and hand it out in front of churches.
Naw, we should just chill out. The creationists want us to overreact. The proper attitude is to scoff in Comfort's face, "So what?" Then once the new copies are handed out we can calmly debunk them like we always do.

Besides, everyone knows Darwin didn't get everything about evolution right on his first try. Several editions were published with new information before his death. We know far more about evolution today than we did in Darwin's time.

This changes nothing. Comfort's attempt to debase Darwin is utterly pathetic, misguided and inept, and should be treated as such.
Exactly. 50,000 worthless books isn't going to reverse the "long arc of history" in the rejection of religion and the growth of atheism. The insanity of Kirk and Comfort's unprovable delusion is, and will be, it's undoing.
Well the bad news is these aren't going to be offered to schools. These will be passed in campuses. So the only thing we can do is, provided they re passed in your campus, to take as many as you can and burn them :P
Why doesn't someone write an abridged copy of Darwin's book and add in a preface that shows Ray's connections to Hitler (such as brainwashing the masses), shows obvious faults in his arguments, and even lists the contradictions and pitfalls in the idea of creationism, come up with money, and hand out a couple thousand copies on college campuses right alongside these morons?

I'd love to do that, even if only to see how banana man would react.

These men piss me off (well, at least Ray) because they act as if Darwin is the one and only source for proof of evolution, then use parts of his personal life (not even to mention Darwin connected with Hitler... what in the hell?) as reasons that it is false... since when has a person's personal life disproven a theory/proven fact of science? I know there is a freedom of a religion, but should there really be freedom of ignorance to the nth degree?

This is a copy of Kirk Ca'moron's 50 page intro for those interested in drudging through the sewage.
I'm hoping someone with alot more patience, talent and intellect than me can find a way to revise his revision, repost somewhere and show the world exactly the kind of fraud it is.



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