Should we object when politicians use religious rhetoric

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Should politicians bless secular voters?


Even atheists are divided on this issue.  It seems to me that, as long as we stay silent and pretend that such language isn't important, politicians are going to feel free to continue it, thinking nobody objects. If we don't raise our voice, reminding them that there are constituents who don't appreciate it, they'll keep doing it.  And as long as they do it, they validate the Religious Right while marginalizing secular citizens.


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I'd be much much more likely to vote for the democrat regardless, as I simply have no trust for a republican.

What if its a moderate republican?  That is socially liberal and politically center. I know most of them are not now but still. Religious democrats tend to bash gays or look the other way.
The republicans are likely going to lose. They lost in a conservative district in upstate new york.  The only thing i have to worry about that democrats seem more pro buisinesss then they used to be. THey want to censor google searches that have websites that don't follow copyright laws. That could be sites like youtube that sometimes users upload non- copyright approved videos. When will people learn that only way to prevent copyright of your media is to upload them yourself and put in AD's.
Seeing as how I vote for politicians based on their political stances, I see no harm in such statements.  Do I find it a bit patronizing?  Sure.  However, I give far more credence to a candidate's policies rather then their religion.  I'm also a firm believer that religion and politics should not mix.  The combination of the two is a volatile and dangerous mix.

I was thinking along the same's along the lines of "let's pray for those victims of (fill-in-the-blank-with-appropriate-disaster)".  Although there's no harm done, I would much rather hear politicians and policy makers address how they will solve problems.  I'm tired of all the blessing and praying because I put that in the category of not doing anything TANGIBLE to solve whatever problem has come up.  Action speaks louder than words and financial aid in times of great suffering is my idea of HELPING.  Let the ministers and preachers and religious leaders keep the arena of prayer/blessing and let's keep the politicians fixated on serving the citizens and advocating for 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness', all secular ideals that don't insult or patronize anybody.


What politician ONLY sends prayers in a disaster?

I didn't mean it in such absolute terms...sorry if I came across that way.  It just seems like it brings it to the surface more...a tendency, not an absolute.


How many times has a speech by ANY politician, Republican or Democrat, ended with this phrase:


"May god bless you, and may god bless the United States of America"


or some very similar statement?  I've heard it so many times, particularly during campaign speeches, State of the Union addresses, and other political presentations that, despite my atheism, I think I'd be somewhat stunned if I DIDN'T hear it.  Like so many other religious elements, it's become a part of the culture, and extracting it from such common usage is NOT going to be easy.

I'm not saying we shouldn't TRY.  I'm just saying that getting rid of it will be a fun time ... NOT!

Whenever I hear "God bless the United States of America", I ask "did America sneeze?". 

Any elected official using an argument from religion should be impeached and convicted of treason to the constitution, the ideals, and the people of the United States.  At the least he/she should be barred from future public office, and at the most, hanged.


I am a free speech absolutist except in the case of treason.

Quite true, and I apologize for my oversight, but it is my ox getting gored, so to speak.


spit upon the ground they walk; let them know they're hated and screwing w/our rights to be free from bigotry
Let's be honest here. The reason that most of us don't want to say anything is because the side that would stand for our rights to not believe in god also have faith so we don't want to tick them off in the progress.




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