When I was in kindergarten, we did show and tell. I brought my turtle. He was the best turtle in the world. He could fly, grant wishes, read minds and talk. But my turtle was invisible. He was also picky about who he let near him. If anyone but me tried to touch him he could make their hands go right through him without feeling a thing. It was up to me to tell people about him, and tell people what he wanted.
The other kids didn’t believe he was there. I told them they were making my turtle sad. It started to rain and I told them my turtle did it. I told them the turtle would never let them know he was there if they didn’t believe.
Because how could they ever prove my turtle WASN’T there?

Afterwards, my teacher told me not to bring invisible things to show and tell again.

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I think I found him!
Since you were at a private christian school, you should have just explained that Henry was your "good" angel sent to you by Jesus (you know... the one that sits on your shoulder, to counter-act the "naughty" devil sitting on your other shoulder), and if they expelled Henry, you wouldn't be responsible for the influence the little red guy might have on you.
My wife's uncle is a Lutheran Pastor. We had a civil ceremony, but we had her uncle give a blessing.

So I had my wife's uncle's invisible friend at my wedding.

Seemed to keep her family happy, anyway.

And I like the uncle, he's a swell old dude.
My mother told me recently (I'd forgotten) that when I was about3, I had an invisible friend called Mr Bailey,whom I would blame for anything of which I was accused. Seems I was a devious little prick.
When I was in preschool, I had several invisible friends. Among them was William Shatner's character from the show TJ Hooker. TJ and I would stealthily go around the school, looking for bad guys and shoot them with my invisible gun. lol I had a very active imagination as a child and was often completely oblivious to the adults in the room who probably thought I was out of my mind.
T J Hooker stealthy? LMAO
Hey cool! I had an invisible pet crab that I brought to show and tell. Well actually his shell was visible, just the crab was invisible, or so I told all the kids in my class on bring your pet to school day. I remember I was going to bring a rock (pet rocks were the big fad) but had recently gotten into trouble for tossing rocks through some windows at school, so the pet rock was vetoed by my parents. All I had was an empty conch shell. I remember getting picked on by all the kids who had real pets, even the ones with rocks. A few days after that my mother made my dad take me to the SPCA and I got my first dog! :)
Sadly, I don't remember any of my invisible friends, but my daughter has more than a hundred. There are Ooby and Looby, 100 chester cheetahs, Lily just married all the chesters and is breeding with them all over the place, some she doesn't know the names of and some are from movies. And then there are all the ones that have been forgotten.

I love her, she is 6.
How do they know that your accounts of the turtle were true? Someone should make a record of the turtle, some sort of book....


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