Shown Hannity and Russ El Brand Bitching on Hannity Show and iPad: Hannity Jealous of Russell's Digs and Relaxed Appearance

This is below below the belt and the host proves himself once again a pathetic excuse for humanity, a racist, homophobic, anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-preventive health for poor women Porsch Catholic whose only contribution to sane debate on issues is serving as proof of how not to do it. The goon show follows, with silly saps like Bernard McJerk putting down Russell Brand for his appearance (duh! argumentum ad hominem). Then McJerk assumes the not yet proven, that Brand is unemployed; in actuality, McJerk is so jealous of Brand's digs -- post-palatial McMansion -- as he is contemptuous of Brand's opinion of the host. (I dare not speak his name. He is obviously so full of himself, one more use of it just goes to his delusional ego.) Bringing Ricky Gervais into the discussion is an obvious jab at atheism. Perhaps Brand has that in common with Ricky. Both appear like Einstein by comparison with the unmentionable host and both McJerk and the other hardly mentionable commentators.

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