Ok, i have a creationist friend, and he constantly pulls the shroud of Turin in our arguments. He does not explain why, and just goes Ha!. Can anyone give me a shred of help on what to hit him back with, and how the shroud is relevant to the creation of the universe?

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thank you very much, as now i may be able to finally have the last word.
I saw in History Channel (I think) a documentary explaining this, for much time its procedence was obscure and mysterious (though not necesarilly divine) and making more research and using logic you get the above explanation.
A visit to Italy is amazing in terms of relics as well as bunch of really cool places and stuff.

Every second church seems to have at least one ossified body part of some saint. The really disgusting ones have a mouldering cadaver in a glass case.

I was told that each of two churches has the head of John The Baptist. I offered a perfectly logical,and obvious explanation :One of the heads was of John as a younger man. The believer went all chicken lipped.

During the Middle ages,relics for sale throughout Europe included:enough nails and bits of wood from the true cross to build a small house,straw from the manger where Jesus was born,and breast milk from the Virgin Mary.

Of course believers today are not as gullible. Instead,many tend to believe Jesus and his mum choose to appear in a range of baked goods,extruded products and in stains of various kinds..---ALSO that the paragon of veracity and credibility,the Catholic church,has in its possession a 2000 year old bit of cloth,with the image of God on it. Yeah right.
Not sure what the Turin shroud would have to do with creation one way or the other. Even if it really was the burial shroud of some guy named Jesus who died in the year 33CE, which it isn't (it's a very thoroughly researched forgery from the 1300s or so), it wouldn't be any kind of proof of anything supernatural.
According to the Discovery Channel, the Shroud of Turin was most likely an experiment by Leonardo DeVinchi using a primitive camera, a headless cadaver, and his own face. The porportions of the face on the shroud match those in Leonardo's self portrait. Interestingly, both also match the porportions of the Mona Lisa.

Makes more sense than radioactive Jesus.
I thought the shroud was carbon dated to the 13th century. Also I have heard tell that there are several relics of the fore skin of jesus. Tres bizarre!!
Make a heckuvah table cloth! Dude, you have no soul! It got stuck on that sheet! sigh, shrouded in exploited history...


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