All of my friends, with the exception of one possibility are Christians. I am so tired of listening to their prayer requests and declarations of "thank you God." and this and that. It is driving me bonkers and I don't want to say anything to them about it because I don't feel it is nice to rain on another person's parade but damn it is driving me crazy. Just being friends with them on Facebook is difficult because so often they use that as a place to spew the christian stuff. Sorry this is so rambly I am just exasperated at the moment!


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That's why a resource like Atheist Nexus is so important.  You have a place you can go to and interact with sane people who don't believe in the supernatural.  Also, joining an atheist group that meets weekly is helpful, to have people that you can see face to face to vent with.  The group I go to vents a lot.  It creates more of a balance.  It looks to me like you are surrounded and there is no balance.  I'm glad you're reaching out.  I hope it helps.
No bother, it's good to come to talk with like-minded people about your frustrations.  Like Cheryl said, that's why the Nexus is so important to us.  I hope you get that sorted out.  I am guessing your friends don't know you are a non-believer?

I usually tell them that I am agnostic; they seem better able to handle that. I honestly do my best to avoid the whole topic of religion. Although once, while I was about half way into a twelve pack I asked my friend if she believed in evolution and she said no. I came pretty close to flipping out on her. I laughed in her face. I feel bad about it now, but I was tipsy and the absurdity of her statement struck me pretty hard. I know evolution is a theory, but I think it is a pretty well established one. Seeing people dismiss it without learning anything about it, simply because their "pastor" tells them so, blows my mind.
I agree that it is best to avoid the topic of religion.
Evolution is a theory in the same ways that gravity is a theory - repeatedly tested and refined. The only other theory for things going 'down' when you drop them is that god makes them go down. The only other theory for species is that god makes them.
I get lectured now and then by christians. It's hard to bite my tongue. Lecturing people is not polite and it puts them into a bind. Some christians seem to think it's OK to do that. In my area we have a meetup that was put together on, and that helps a lot. We just shoot the breeze but that's all thats needed sometimes.
It's funny because they and their pastor trust science every day when they drive their cars and fly in planes and drink tap water, but when it comes to evolutionary biology, suddenly they know better than scientists.  wth!
They are mostly friends from my past that I've reconnected with because of facebook. I would say 80% are real life friends although many I haven't spent time with in years.

Yeah that drives me bonkers too. What really annoys me is how many of these people think that everything goes down according to "god's plan." He has some pretty brutal plans for a whole lot of people.


Indeed. Honestly, if the god most people believe in exists he is most likely a combination of the following:

delusional (like his followers), insane, bored, schizophrenic, psychopathic, masochistic, sadistic, and most certainly evil...

but in the end it's all the same.

Yet, if you asked them how, exactly, God's "plan" is facilitated by an unwanted teenage pregnancy (especially when sex out of wedlock is condemned throughout the Bible), they would just mumble something about us not knowing the mind of God. This translates to, "I have no idea, I'm just making up stuff because it makes me feel better about the crappy choices I've made."




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