significant difficulties posting to site, and getting answers

Hi - the other day I

1) was unable to post a message to these forums (tried several times, more than one browers).  It just kept taking me back to a site login screen.
2) was unable to post a message to the site administrator to see if I could get support  on this point - same problem (Catch 22) - kept taking me back to a blank form.
3) posted reluctantly on the facebook group as to this problem and received no response.


I found now a minute ago that I was able to post, so perhaps this was all just a temporary glitch.  If so, then I guess my point is - still a fan of the site, and of the people, but may I suggest some slight re-think of the pathway for legit requests for assistance.

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Hi, thanks, I see this:
Loren Miller's Discussions (9,496)

and one thread here (there may be others, but this thread was what I found):

Ning, Error 500s, and Whether to Migrate
Posted by Loren Miller on November 1, 2016 at 6:16am in Hang With Friends

So, thanks, my points seem partly addressed.  It appears there will be a waiting process to see if Ning cleans up there act.  I can't speak to any changes admins may want to make in reporting issues on fb or here in the forums.

 jlaz, I think suggestions always are welcome, even as Loren has done as much as any of us could do, and with our support. He offers us options of actions to take, hoping the group can influence the outcome. 

As I understand he situation, Ning hs changed hands and the new owners stated they take action to find solutions to the problems. They stated all should be up an running by January l, I think is the way they stated it. 

As of now, I see several options:

*leave A/N and lose our history with the loss of comments, Forums, Groups, Photos, etc. 

*stay with A/N and if things don't improve by Jan 1, then start looking for other options. 

*commit to staying with A/N. 

For me, the second option seems best; we have a very special group of people and I enjoy our history.


Hey, jlaz!

Since about April of this year, Ning-based systems in general and Atheist Nexus in particular have suffered problems stemming from issues in Ning's base code.  A|N being an older site, we've had more problems than some of the younger sites, but the fact is that we're not the only ones who have to put up with the vagaries of whether the code is competent or not to support our activity.  This whole magilla seems to have finally come to a head with the latest of the outages, which resulted in Ning's announcement of October 31st, which I included with my post here on A|N.

My sense is that, between Ning's change of ownership and this raft of outages, the new owners have determined that a more assertive support strategy is needed ... or at least, that's what I'm HOPING.  The proof of the pudding will be in a marked decrease in such untoward events as we approach the end of this year.  If by that time, we're back to a stable platform where we're not looking over our shoulders, then I think we're good to go.

If not, then migration seems definitely to be in order, and I will so recommend.




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