My wife and me at the New Year’s Eve party at the village community centre last night.


Fashion accoutrements: Beth is wearing a cardboard Happy New Year Tiara with a silk sweater from WinterSilks. James is wearing a plastic fedora with a jacket from Digital Equipment Corporation (his wife’s former employer). Her dress (not visible) is a print with flying pigs. More follows. . . .

Broadwater’s newest village board and library board members (James and Elizabeth Kulacz) at the Starr Street Diner and Community Center in Broadwater, NE celebrating the arrival of New Year’s Day. It will appear in the next edition of the Bridgeport (NE) News-Blade (which does not have a Website). 

Someone had to show the village how to act silly at a New Year’s party. This probably torpedoed my political aspirations of higher office though, as well as bringing discredit on the ISPE, Intertel, Mensa, Disabled American Veterans, American Radio Relay League, the American Rural Librarians Association, possibly the Auto Club, erotic Romance editors, and the entire Modern Whig Party. – James

From: Beth K (wife-with-portfolio)

I thought I could save this one in reserve to "blackmail" James with, but I found out that this one was sent to the newspaper too. Once the cat is out of the bag, blackmail becomes impossible.

He didn't just decorate me with balloons, but did it to himself too. The party favors, such as the fedora, tiara, balloons, leis, earth keychains, noisemakers were provided, and James had to assemble them. It just seemed rude to use the noisemakers while the country band consisting of two men who were about 70 were playing. By the time the photographer came by, James had removed the leis from our headpieces, but he added balloons to mine later.

Why leis and earth keychains are part of the party favors at a New Years party is difficult to ascertain, except the leis are left over from the end-of-the-world Tex-Mex luau held 10 days ago.

The local postal employees sent us drinks because of our postal activism, that likely saved their jobs, as well as got segments of my letter that I sent to all senators, the Vice President, and the First Lady read on the Senate floor in a resolution. I guess that's my lifetime quota of fame.

Of note, except for the person with the camera, everyone in the Village would have been "safe" from others discovering this silliness via such things as the Orbital Mind Control Lasers, the CIA's mindreading capabilities, the UFO's mindreading capabilities, and such similar conspiracies. We were safe from having any of our thoughts at all so detected. You can see the inside of the building is silver. It is bubble-wrap insulation with foil on both sides of it. That type of insulation works good - I've used it. It's also got the effect of providing a giant tin-foil hat protecting everyone at the party - and everyone who ever comes to the Starr Diner from those reading our minds and activating neural chips and such things. Alex Jones assures people these "technologies" are real, and everyone knows that "tin foil hats" are protection against such.


Axial Tilt is the reason for the season!


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Hmph ... couple weirdos! [chuckle!]

Happy New Year to the fabulous couple!

I am not sure about "fabulous . . ." - above-average maybe. (::




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