Since I'm Young! From What I'm Told I Should Know Atheism Is INDEED a Religion

So As In My Discussion I've Been Having This Dispute And It Doesn't Seem To Be Going Any Where Because To Me Their Not Making Any Sense Or Maybe Its Just Me Being Hard Headed  It Started With The Whole Article In My Last Discussion Could I Be The One Who's Dumb???

Jennifer Ann Natal
Jennifer Ann Natal 
I Beg To Differ..By Saying Atheist Are Closed Minded People...I'm An Atheist And I'm Very Open Minded As Well As The Atheist Friends I Have We Would Never Would Have Became Or Brought Up As An Atheist If We Were Closed Minded See People Who Write Articles Like That Obviously Don't Use Both Perspectives While Writing The Article But I Can See Where You Would Think Were Closed Minded Because We Don't Wanna Take In The Story Of God It's Because Its Nothing New Most Atheist Read The Bible Did The Whole Religion Thing and It Obviously Didn't Make Sense Or It Sounded Like Another FairyTale I Personally Believe I'm A Better Person For Shooting Down Religion In My Life
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D'Anna Leanore King
D'Anna Leanore King 
dont you think, that by thinking that rejecting religion means you're now a "better" person that you're demonstrating traits exactly like those that Tally brought up? The problem is, everyone has the mentality that because they beleive a certain way it makes them "better" in some way... and that's not really true.
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Jennifer Ann Natal
Jennifer Ann Natal 
Not At All I Know I Am A Better Person For Refusing Religion & I have my personel experiences to back me up And The Person Who Wrote This Article Obviously Knows Nothing Of Atheism
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Talasan Nicholson
Talasan Nicholson 
I'm tired, as I just woke, but I'd go as far to say atheism is a fad.
about an hour ago · 
Jennifer Ann Natal
Jennifer Ann Natal 
a fad is something temporary Atheism has been around much longer
about an hour ago ·  · 
D'Anna Leanore King
D'Anna Leanore King 
you do realize that Atheism is considered a religion, right? and placing yourself on a place above others is highly close-minded. you're continuing to contradict yourself. & You're commenting about this article on the person who wrote it's page. Because unless I'm mistaken, Tally wrote the article of which you speak. My family has people of all religions, and my 60 something year old grandfather is smart enough to know that because Atheism is a religion, he's rather be considered Agnostic, and simply because he's an educated man that has devoted his life to studying philosophy... I'm inclined to agree with him in thinking that you're statements are ignorant and ill thought. He's got a better understanding of religion than all three of us.. and after showing him you're comments, even he thinks you're ignorantly claiming a religion you yourself don't understand.
51 minutes ago · 
Talasan Nicholson
Talasan Nicholson 
In other words, joining any side and defending it so righteously is arrogant.
41 minutes ago · 
Jennifer Ann Natal
Jennifer Ann Natal 
So Ask Your Grandfather this for me EXPLAIN EXACTLY how Atheism is a religion...Your grandfather would have to be the first agnostic i've ever heard of who agrees that atheism is a religion
21 minutes ago ·  · 
Talasan Nicholson
Talasan Nicholson 
That's because you are young.
19 minutes ago · 
Jennifer Ann Natal
Jennifer Ann Natal 
Your about as young as me
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True I agree
An absence of religion is not a religion. It doesn't help that some people want to start a "Church of Atheism", though.
Atheism is a LACK OF religion. That's the fucking definition. It has no dogmatic attributes. While them saying that is retarded, and that man (the grandfather) is a moron.

All of that being said, thinking you're a better person than someone else for any single attribute is incredibly close-minded. I think you can be "better" than someone else, but having a single attribute above theirs does not make you "better". I would like to give that old man a piece of my mind...
well, in that case every 'nonprofit' organization is one too
every corporation has a CEO/pastor
and wtf, I can't stand 'god' based religions; nor woman or race hating religions
so there.

fkn' strong atheist with a cathlick school chip on my shoulder that will never give up; that's me!
I would pretty well be reiterating what others have said anyway, so I'll try to stretch for originality.

I know there are many better people than myself. Some of them are religious, most are not. Do I think I'm better than most believers - yes. Does this make me closed-minded to them and their ideas - no. Am I often disrespectful of their ideas - yes...wouldn't you be if they could never back anything up?

Atheism is not a fad. Nor is it a religion. This is a product of those in religions being unable to see outside their tiny little box. But I disagree with others that atheism is a philosophy. It's a metaphysical worldview - merely a piece of a philosophy.

Most atheists round out this worldview with a pursuit of knowledge based upon empirical evidence and critical analysis of life experience as well as a morality often based upon Hume/Locke-type approach. But none of this is a religion.
Of course atheism is a religion!

Also join my new sport, it's called not-baseball. The rules are simple, we don't play baseball. Best sport ever.
I'm's like bowling...the drunker you are, the better you play!!!


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