Well kind of tired of the dating sites just not finding that like minded Atheist girl.

   Not a afraid of a long distance thing but the closer the better.

   you can check out my profiles on Okcupid label228  and POF label2281

    Or message me here for more info.

    General info

    I like outdoors things hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, Play Ice hockey, not a big sports nut or fan though.

    Enjoy Board games. Settlers of catan is my current fav.

    Oh and Roller coasters love them too.

     Want to learn to scuba dive.

    Also willing to consider relocation.

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i see your point but I have never been one to follow and read forums.

Welcome to AN. It's a good place to make friends, and some of us are on chat as well as forums. There are a few dating sites for atheist singles, as well, if that's your primary focus for being here. I'm sure a perusal through the singles forum should bring them up.

Good luck on your quest. ^^

Aside: Do you do card games, too? Some of us like Munchkin and the Flux card games...

  Munchkin I have played it is Ok Looney Labs though are the Best. Fluxx, and Chrononauts are awesome.




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