Why is so difficult for an Atheist to find a partner? My late husband didn't care I was an Atheist (he didn't care about any religion). The last gentleman who invited me out hung up the phone as soon as he found out I didn't believe in God.

Stupidity will never cease to amaze me.

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I certainly agree with you. Too many people think God is a given. They think it's just understood that there is a God. Whether they practice religion or not they think you might jinx yourself to not believe. It's all just superstition. I call it superstition because there is no evidence for a god of any kind. There never has been.

Now throw in the idea that religion has all the answers and you can make things to be whatever you want them to be. This appeals to a lot fo people and it's why we have so many denominations.

An atheist mate wouldn't bother me at all.

Well, an Atheist mate wouldn't bother you because you are one yourself and know what Atheism is all about.

My estranged wife is Kenyan and we were both believers when we wed. That was 2005 and we have lived apart now over a year. Just recently I told her I no longer believe. Living with her wasn't hard though in many ways. She is tribal and only 35. I'm 69 and we no longer want the same things. That may be why she left.

I'm a simple man who no longer wants to travel or see the world. (Been there-done that.) I don't give a tinkers dam about Disney World or Las Vegas. Can't afford to go to Paris, so I don't want to. I would have made a great American Indian. LOL

BTW, I had people getting up / leaving when I told them I was an Atheist...lol

I comment on You Tube and Google and believers just don't get it when I tell them I don't believe. One tells me "but you quote scripture." and another says "you need to come back to god." So I told them that once you have seen behind the curtain you can no longer believe in the Wizard of Oz. One smart person says that is all fiction and make believe and that god and the Bible are real. Then I tell them that god and the Bible are about as real as the Wizard of Oz.

This is funny. Somehow they think I'm delusional or deluded. Maybe I just never got educated. ROTFLMAO here.

Yes, in their stupid minds they think we are ignorant and delusional. Yes, dear, religion has done a good job at brainwashing the masses.

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