Sinkholes: The Groundbreaking Truth

I put my trust in m family and their traditions only to find that our family has a long history of violence that I had to break. I put my trust in God and discovered there is no one or nothing there, no answering of prayers, no guidance that made sense. Religion only makes family violence worse. I put my trust in my education and work and discovered that I am too old to do the things I once did. I put my trust in government and realize that what was promised to me 40 years ago may not be available at 80 years and beyond. I felt secure in my big old home in which I raised my three children, and after they were gone it is like the lovely home became a museum that a pension cannot support. I put my trust in my wits and reason, and now I understand the Earth gives way to huge holes for no understandable reason. There are sinkholes that appear suddenly in places with and without water; they appear on roads and on vacant land; many appear where buildings stand and barren ground. Perhaps this explanation makes sense. 

So, I put my trust in today, in my wits and reason, with my family and loved ones, and friends, and community. We are all in this together, even if the ground under us fails. 

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Sinkholes: The Groundbreaking Truth

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The truth is, there is no God, no savior, no heaven, no hell, no redemption, nothing after death. All we have is here, now, and all those people we love to hate. 

We can learn how to get along, to care for one another, and to care for our planet, even if it is unstable. 

Joan, I found this video fascinating. What it suggests might actually be real. It makes sense anyway. We know that none of this has anything to do with gods or heavens, or some "end times," but it would appear that the public is not being told the truth about sinkholes. That's either because they don't want to scare us, or maybe nobody really knows for sure. Saying it again, the video makes sense. I'll have to check into it further.

Mike, me, too. This is an interesting phenomenon. 

Hi Joan,

I'm a new old guy, and have been lurking here for a while now.

I finally logged in, as I find this video uummmm . . . Interesting?

Some really good video editing. I  found the music somewhat spacy, video is better without sound.

I want to point out some problems with the crackpot "theory" given toward the end of the video.

I did not research the claim that sinkholes are increasing at an alarming rate. Very recently, there was one on the national news that opened up next door to a chain restaurant in the south. It was no "mystery", the developers very clearly did not check, and built the parking lot over an enormous buried drain. The collapsed pipe, approx 12 to 15 feet in diameter, was clearly visible in photos, but still many early accounts claimed it was a "mystery". So much for accurate media reporting.

As for the theory that the Earth is slowing down, causing it to change shape: Science now measures time with an accuracy that we find hard to comprehend. A "Quantum" clock developed at NIST in 2010 will be accurate to within 1 second in 3.68 Billion years, approximately the age of the Earth. I have to take a SWAG (Scientific Wild A** Guess) that those guys know how fast the earth is turning.

It turns out that it varies. The tides and moon slow the earth by fiction, but things like the Fukishima earthquake speed it up a bit. The length of a mean solar day is about 86,400.002 seconds. About 2 milliseconds longer than 24 hours. It will take a century to add another 2 milliseconds, and the day will be 86,400.004 seconds.

Just saying, if the producers of that video say that the earth is slowing down enough to actually change its shape, and cause a sudden spike in sinkhole formation, they better show their work. 

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for responding, John. I don't know if this is a cockamamie story or not. I do know that holes open up where there are no water pipes to explain them. The article evoked a response in me about trust and uncertainty that led me to my statement, 

"So, I put my trust in today, in my wits and reason, with my family and loved ones, and friends, and community. We are all in this together, even if the ground under us fails."

I asked the same question as you when I first read it, so I went on a search, and this is what I found: 

"Human influence has increased, however, Director of the Eastern Geology and Paleoclimate Science Center for the U.S. Geological Survey Randall Orndorff said.

"We have no hard evidence to say for sure that sinkholes are occurring more than they have in the past; however, since human influences such as paving and building in sinkhole-prone areas has increased, it probably follows that we are seeing them more often," Orndorff said."

Orndorff's statement does not explain the occurrences of sinkholes in places without population; however, we do have devices that enable scientists to observe places we could not go until now.

The theme of my piece was not sinkholes, but trust.  




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