Sister-in-Law Made Decision to Put Gender-Bending Cartoon on Hub TV

Boy howdy.

 (link to cartoon at bottom)

I just learned something interesting about the backstory of the cartoon show Shezow (as it relates to Hub Network, which premiered on Hub TV June 1).

I spoke to my mother on the telephone today, and in passing mentioned all the transgender and gay bashing going on from the Reich Wing and the Christian Taliban (tm) over this cartoon. (Both my mother and I like quirky cartoons.)

My mother informed me that my sister-in-law was promoted to the Director of Operations of Hub TV a couple years ago (I didn't know that). She is married to my sister (in the last same-sex marriage in California before Prop 8 passed).

Thus, my sister-in-law was the person who made the decision to put the show on the air.

Bearing in mind where I live and what I do (Conservative America and liberal town politician), even though I have no contact with my sister (not over her marriage – I don't care about that – our problems go way back further), I wonder what the blowback would be if someone made the connexion. Instead of running for re-election to office, perhaps I should be running from office?

So, since it is my sister-in-law that decided to put the show on the network, perhaps there are two liberal Progressive gay fascist socialistic (but not atheistic as they are both Christians) agenda-pushers trying to tear the Ten Commandments out of the Constitution? (said in jest) (sister-in-law public LinkedIn profile)


From: James
Sent: 02 June 2013 11:35
Subject: Crossdressing Kids Cartoon Causes Conservative & Religious Heads to Explode

 (originally sent to several friends and family members)

I like cartoons. Especially quirky ones.

A five-year-old Australian offering has been picked up by The Hub (formerly Discovery Kids), called Shezow.

The premise of the show is Shezow is a hereditary superheroine, whose powers are passed on from generation to generation of females in a particular family.

When Guy's aunt dies, his family moves into her home, where he and his elder sister discover the legendary power ring of Shezow.

Guy, age 12, who scoffs at the idea his ancient aunt was really Shezow, puts on the ring. Poof – he turns into the female Shezow superheroine.

After his sister gets a good laugh, he tries to remove the ring. No dice. It is on for life.

So now Guy has to learn to activate and deactivate the ring (which turns him back to Guy), learn girlie secrets of dress and makeup from his sister, put up with the incessant ribbing from his friends, and fight crime.

The première episode aired on June 1, and already is on YouTube.

Predictably, conservative and religious wingnut heads are already exploding across the USA, and in the YouTube commentary, as transgender bashing goes into full steam.

Guy in the cartoon is not transgender: he is fully male (when not Shezow). He does not even want to be Shezow (but likes some of the cool gear that comes with the job).

His sister is terribly jealous as she realises this should have been her job. But she gets even with him.

This is not actually the first gender-bending cartoon: years ago there were Bugs Bunny, the character Him on the Powerpuff Girls, Ren and Stimpy, and Spongebob Squarepants which all come to mind.

So whaddya think? Kewl kids cartoon aimed at the preteen set, or the destruction of all that is moral, decent, and good about American society by the liberal Progressive gay fascist socialistic atheistic agenda-pushers trying to tear the Ten Commandments out of the Constitution?

Link to first cartoon episode on YouTube

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