Situational Leadership Theory: Providing Leadership through Flexibility

Situational Leadership Theory: Providing Leadership through Flexibi...

Identify the level of skill-sets and match skill to the worker.

One knows and knows that he/she knows;

One knows and does not know that he/she knows;

One knows and does not know that he/she does not know;

One does not know and knows that he/she does not know; 

One does not know and does not know that he/she knows;

One does not know and does not know that he/she does not know. 

Did I miss any? 

"This model states that in the modern world, a leader cannot just rely on one management style to fit all situations. Managers and leaders must be flexible in their leadership styles, in order to get the best out of their teams and individuals.

"The situational leadership theory argues that for leaders to be truly successful, they must adjust the way they lead their teams, to suit two factors:

  • The ‘task maturity’ of the people they are leading – That is, how competent a person or team is at the task at hand.
  • The details of the task

"In situational leadership theory, leaders place more or less emphasis on the task, and more or less emphasis on the empowerment with the people they’re leading, depending on what’s needed to get the job done successfully"

Laura, my daughter, is the best situational leader I have ever seen. She has a large team of workers who work for her business and in maintaining her home and office. She knows who likes and has skills to do accounting tasks, to do filing, to do phone work, to cook, who likes to clean, to clear the forest of slash and limb up trees, to plow snow in winter and mow in summer, to garden, to plan and prepare for dinner parties. Everyone is happy and if one gets tired of a chore, they have the obligation to speak up and make their wants and needs to be known. Everyone on the team works and takes on the responsibility to complete tasks without prompting from her. If someone wants to move to a different task and does not have the skill set needed, she or another train the person in the new capability. Team members have multiple skill-sets and learn new ones at their own pace. 

I have not seen a more competent team of workers who enjoy working for her and who take pride in their work. 

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Thanks Joan.

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I heard that teams go through forming storming and norming..




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