Game time.

Here are the instructions:

Go to Wikipedia
Pick a random entry (for Easy Mode pick your own starting entry)
Click through links until you get to Hitler
If it takes you more than six links you win

The first click away from the starting article is the first entry.

If you manage to do this, post your link chain.


You must actively try to click your way to Hitler.

The object of the game isn't to see how well you can avoid Hitler, it's to see how insulated the article is from Hitler.

No looping back, you are not allowed to click back to an entry you've already been to in a chain.

Pro-Tip: If you're choosing your starting point, pick something small, obscure, and specific; that will buy you a few clicks.

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Don't feel bad, one time I random paged right to Hitler.
Correction I did it!

Hemiptera->Insect->Exoskeleton->Human->University of Utah->United States->Nazi Germany->Adolph Hitler
Kitten > Cat > Animal fancy > Selective breeding > Natural selection > Social Darwinism > Eugenics > Adolf Hitler

From kitten to Hitler in 8 clicks.
Coming from random articles: 1:Arganiella exillis - 2:list of non-marine molluscs of France - 3:France - 4:Germany - 5:Hitler

1:Dragon Slayer Jr: Romancia(Whatever the hell that is) - 2:Japanese Language - 3: Japan - 4:Nazi Germany - 5:Hitler

Four more all hit Hitler within 5 clicks. This is far harder than it looks.
Now try to reach this page instead of Hitler. Compare the results. Apply 'religious fundy logic' to determine if they're indeed the same person.
Nightmare mode: Don't use dates, World War II, or Germany to get to Hitler.
I started with the 1st screen that came up for wikipedia:

Khan Noonien Singh -> villian -> wicked witch of the west -> archetype -> Carl Jung -> Furher -> Hitler

7 steps but I'm tired, maybe I could have done it in less.

OK I tried again from the same starting point. This time it went
Khan Noonien Singh -> Nordic -> Germany -> Hitler.

Oh well.


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