So I was on FB, just browsing along, and I came upon a quiz entitled How Skeptical are you.

I took it, thinking "this should be easy enough." Boy was I wrong. I answer all the questions with standard "this is bullshit" type answers, and get THIS result.

[Brian] Just took the quiz How Skeptical Are You? and got the result: You Aren't Skeptical in the Least
You see the world as a pretty mysterious place... And in your opinion, there are many tools for unlocking the mysteries of the world. Whether it's ESP, tarot reading, talking to angels, or astrology... you're interested! You rather be broad minded and occasionally wrong than closed off to the world.

How bad do you have to be at making a quiz to give someone a result like this when...yeah...

I mean, try taking it yourself.

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I think the person who made this application must be a theist troll. I wonder what result you get if you answer that you believe in horoscopes, tarot cards, etc.
If you can't spot new age mumbo-jumbo spam when you see it, failing the test is the least of your problems. Unless of course you are also disseminating this spam here for your own stupid reasons.




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