Well, a formal introduction? Hello there, I'm Christina from the great (pun) state of Tennessee. Hillbilly hypocrite Christians flock from door to door setting off fireworks and playing ding-dong-ditch. The lofty noise of shotguns and dying animals run through the night.

Peaceful country my arse.

Non Christan since age 10, Atheist at age15 in a Baptist family that did not allow me to explore my beliefs. The day I was theoretically saved I became a non Christian.

Anyways, I just wanted to announce my presence and not in a vain way. Just thought this as a normality seeing as how there is an introductions category.

Well wishes to you all.

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Welcome aboard. I gotta admire your courage to be an atheist in a bible belt state, hell, it ain't easy in CA!
Oh yeah, it's horrid. My parents would never listen to me or let me go out with friends because I was one. And because they took care of me and all I couldn't say jack to the judge because all they were was 'overprotective'. Which, sadly, isn't a crime.

Yeah, I've seen a few news stories out of CA they were not pretty. I knew a friend that was Wiccan that dated a Catholic guy from over there. Truly amazing how they would rant about religion and still are together as far as I know.




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