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How many words are there for vile evil monster?

It's amazing how these faith healers can cure AIDS or cancer, yet they can't grow a new limb on an amputee. And even more silly is the Why Contraception Is Wrong video that I've just watched after that.

OK, I took the bait.  Now I hate myself.  So, since the purpose of disease is to make people miserable and kill them. so it's wrong to take an antibiotic?

It goes to show you that religion can be a dangerous thing (especially in the wrong hands).

Following that logic one could say

"And multi-drug resistant bacteria are not products of evolution, they are just carrying God's message that we should not mess with his diseases or he will send worse ones"

I'll admit, I haven't watched the video ... mostly because my monitor screen does NOT need to be punched out ... but I fully understand what is going on here.

My solution?

Security? Escort this person from the building, and if you see them here again, inform the police!

Religion and woo have no place where REAL HEALING happens.

@Dan. I understand your optimism that the more people harmed by this, the more publicity, and an eventual diminution in the numbers who turn to them. I'm not that optimistic. There have been grifters, con artists, faith healers, and snake oil salesmen for centuries. And, notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence of their fraud, and the dead they have left in their wake, there are always plenty of gullible people to turn to them for a quick fix and magic cures. P.T.Barnum was right. "There's a sucker born every minute." As for those who profit from them, the frauds live by that phrase from W.C. Fields. "Never give a sucker an even break." You can save a lot of people from a lot of things, but the one person you can't save him/her from is themself.

and the vatican still insists on no planned parenthood funding nor condoms for down trodden lands... fkn' shame

More like fkn' criminal.


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