We have a new type of slave and it has very little to do with race. It has everything to do with ignorance and brainwashing.  Often they seem just like us, but with one very big difference, they are forced to work in a job simply for the health care benefits. They can't quit; they don't get paid well, and they are puppets to people of power.  They are blue collar conservatives with a strong belief in Christianity. The employers takes advantage of their ignorance as does the Church. They are the victims of the disinformation propagated by the Religious Conservatives. Because they are invisible in society, much like atheists, no one understand them or their plight so they will continue to "shoot themselves in the foot" by voting  for political platforms against the new Health Care Package. The others, who are ignorant of their plight, will be ambivalent to whether the new Health Care package becomes a reality.

      The result will be that they will continue to not support their only way out of slavery and the others, who can't identify with their plight, will not enlighten them to the reality of the situation. This, in turn, will increase the chances of the religious conservatives to make gains in the House and the Senate thus rejecting the new Health Care package. When that happens, the need for adequate health care can be used again to keep the slaves in line.

     The religious minions will be kept ignorant and we, the people, will slowly lose our freedoms as the Religious Conservatives turn this country into a Theocracy.

This is a call out to all who can provide information to the ignorant. Use billboards, news media, grassroot organizing, etc. If we don't free these slaves, we ourselves will become slaves to a Theocratic government.

     If you want to stop the spread of Theocracy, give these slaves a chance to be free so they can make better life choices and become more independent.


Ignorance is the instrument that oppresses freedom.




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Are you responding to the same message that I wrote? It doesn't seem like it.

Apparently, I wasn't clear.....and maybe, I still won't get the idea across, but here it goes. It seems simple to me that many of the blue collar workers follow Christian Fundamentalism and won't believe anything unless it is said by someone who also believes in fundamentalism. You wish that they will do the research but most of them don't even know the Bible as well as they should. If they did, they would question much that is in it.

Unfortunately, it is up to the more progressive political parties to speak the truth about the benefits of the new health care plan by making others aware of why the Religious Conservatives are so vehemently against the new health care package.


Just in case, you don't know how that works....When someone propagates disinformation, you counter it with an appropriate response. You don't say that they should do their own research as if they actually have the will to check for themselves. After all, their will has been taken away from them due to their fundamental religious beliefs. Their will belongs to the religious icons that they follow.

Because you missed the main thrust of the my statement, I will have to reiterate it. If we don't try to correct this ignorance about the health care plan, they will remain slaves to the Religious Conservatives. This, as we have discovered, can only be bad because it was during the last election that they helped vote in the same Republicans that are now blocking any meaningful bills from leaving the House to go to the Senate. They are effectively stopping any discussion on the next phase of the health care

We must free these slaves so they can choose a job/direction of their own. Only then will they have any chance of seeing the world as it really is.

In other words, it is the religious conservatives that are trying to keep them ignorant. If we don't break this hold, the political future will be a theocratic one.


As a side note, I didn't write this to have others question me about it. I don't defend reality, it can defend itself. I just state it so others can have the benefit to see it. If you don't see it, go argue with someone else about it. You are welcome to disagree as often as you like, but don't expect me to respond to your attempts to muddy up the initial statement. Of course, the most reasonable approach, if you don't agree, would be to do the research yourself.

There is a certain amount of common sense associated with the initial statement, but you seemed to have ignored them to try to make a point that is off topic. Your response was similar to a response that I would expect from someone with a strong belief. Unfortunately theists as well as atheists have strong beliefs. The exclusion of a god in beliefs doesn't make the belief any less unreasonable.

and then they mess w/pentions, the slavemasters... supposed slave

masterbaters... debaters of money, c'mon

bush sold that book to pay for his lawyers

also look where Tom Delay is.

And the rest of the fed up world. Tribal solidarity and common sense, make the change...

screw the synthetic control mechanisms. get out more




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