So there are already a half-jillion threads on things like feminism (and believe me, I'll continue to beat that dead horse until no more candy comes out), but this is a little different. I think.

I was reading in my bias-yet-still-informative book that with every 16 point increase in I.Q., a woman's chances of marrying go down by about 40%. Contrastingly, every 16 point increase in I.Q. increases a man's chances of marrying by 35%. It suggests that women like smart men but men don't like smart women. And it makes sense from a very basic point of view where men like to feel dominant and women want to be taken care of...

But then I started thinking about it a little more. Is a woman really less likely to get married with a higher IQ because men feel threatened, or is it as simple as an intelligent woman being more selective and more skeptical of mates and mating? Often, when I think about intelligent women, I think about independent women, too. And women of this sort tend to: A. Value relationships more than marriage, B. Select a mate carefully and C. Rely on themselves.

Or maybe smarter women tend to have other negative qualities that make them less attractive to most men?

So is it an unfair card to play on men?
I'd also like to see what kind of women more intelligent men like, versus average guys. That's the perfect place for this, ne? ;)

Here are some quotes from said book:

"There's no greater turn-on than to spar with a woman who can hold her own, never letting herself be bullied. The smarter, stronger, more unyielding the woman, the more delectable the conquest. In my twenties, I was often bemused by some of my intelligent, achieving male friends who tended to run away from that kind of woman. They seemed to fear they would have to be constantly on their toes, giving witty responses in an endless game of repartee."
-Eugene O'Neill

"Despite being older and less beautiful, they are none the wiser and as picky as ever.... The very men whom they had rejected are now happily married to women who are less picky. Worst of all, many of these men have gone on to have successful careers and now would meet these women's standards. But it's too late."
-Anthony Santelli (about career women)

"A woman who has qualities that put me in awe is far more likely to make me think she is worth falling for."
-Kevin Johnson

"They want to find somebody who is as much or MORE: good looking, socially skilled and well-off. What do successful men want? Typically, a good-looking woman who is kind."
-Mike "Not Mormon" Dropkin

"in praise of brainy women: Shortly after we were married, my wife tearfully confessed that her I.Q., at 178, was 45 points higher than mine, that she had been salutatorian of her college class and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. I was shocked, but divorce was out of the question. It has been terrible to live with, but there have been compensations: 1) Our children are a lot smarter. 2) She remembers people's names, places we have visited, and learns foreign languages the way I catch colds. Men, don't fear that cute little genius you have your eye on."
-Wright Salisbury


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The only study I could find along similar lines had much smaller ranges by IQ score, and said the same correlation in IQ also showed up for social class and employment.
e.g. Professional women have a much harder time getting promoted, so it's harder for them to have any kind of social life. (Having to work twice the hours of men to get the same credit, etc)

Santelli is an all purpose imbecile. Everything I've ever heard by him has made me wonder why someone hasn't set him on fire yet. He could be thrown into a volcano and the world wouldn't be any worse for it. This quote doesn't change my opinion of him. (Assuming it's the same guy. If it is, I tried to read his book and threw it in the garbage before I made it through the first chapter. I barely made it through the preface..)

I can't be around someone that doesn't have a thought in their head, no matter what sex they are. It doesn't matter how physically attractive they are. If they can't think, I can't deal with them.
Personally I've always found intelligence attractive and I imagine most of the guys on here feel the same way. Of course we're probably not a representative sample, either.
I have no idea who he is, but he sounds bitter enough. I love the part where he starts by classifying these women on age and beauty. I would think that no matter what career, if these men didn't meet a woman's "standards" at a given point, they probably still wouldn't after a few promotions. I doubt it's really a battle of status. But then, I'm not a female CEO or anything.

I think the majority of men on this site would feel the same way, too. Maybe it would be different on
This idea of a "dumb wife" probably is a result of the way marriage, and women, have been viewed through the course of history. In the past wives were like children, meant to be seen and never heard. This social custom is imbedded still today in our supposedly equal society. I agree with Joey that the guys on A/N are not a typical slice of the pie. I prefer a woman who is at least as smart as I am. Maybe the majority of men are interested in eye candy and associate pretty women with a bimbo mentality. Age is another factor that does not seem to mentioned. I know my expectations have changed over time. As far as Santelli is concerned maybe they should lock him in a room full of femenists! Then he would know how Hypatia felt!
Your busted! Would you like me to handcuff you?:) I agree that most people do see age as an assessment tool in determining the "value" of a person. It is painfully obvious that if you are young and beautiful you can be incredibly stupid and still be accepted in our society. It's like buying a car without looking under the hood! I suppose the intelligence factor is largely due to the fact that the average IQ is around 100. That puts a woman with an even slightly higher IQ at a disadvantage. For the average "joe" to feel an edge of superiority his wife must fall somewhere between stupid and mentally handicapped. This is sad. Oh, by the way I've assessed your value and I give you an A+!:)
Well...I do like a hot oven!
The average I.Q. is only 100? Wow. I had forgotten that. Now I almost feel bad for making fun of people with only double-digit I.Q.s!! Though the only I.Q. tests I've taken are online, so what do I know?
The have an online test to assess how much you're worth. It's pretty horrible. But fun.
I am fair, and unbiased!!
... with every 16 point increase in I.Q., a woman's chances of marrying go down by about 40%. Contrastingly, every 16 point increase in I.Q. increases a man's chances of marrying by 35%. It suggests that women like smart men but men don't like smart women.

Or it suggests that intelligent women are better at escaping marriage, and intelligent men are better at coercing women into marriage. That's how I interpreted your data at first sight anyway.
I like it. :D

*felt that necessary to say*




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