why?  glad you asked:

“Liberals want us to believe that America is a secular nation, but it isn’t.  This is a Christian nation, and there [isn't] any denying that,” Edison claimed during an interview recently on an AM radio program in his home state.  “Christians are persecuted every single day in this country, every time one of these atheists start flapping their gums.  We can’t worship in peace without some liberal atheist voicing their opinions, telling us we’re wrong.  That’s oppressive.  And we aren’t going to let the Smithsonian celebrate that oppression with a museum exhibition.  No way.”

oh, and death threats.  

Edison was asked if he felt the anonymous death threats sent to museum staff were going too far.  “No, I don’t think so.  Not really.  Jesus kicked over the tables of the moneychangers.  His message there was that violence isn’t always the answer, but sometimes it’s necessary.  I’m not saying these museum people should be killed or harmed, I’m not saying that, but it just shows you how offended some people are.  And you have to ask, `what would Jesus do?’ And I think the answer is clear.  He’d kick over the tables of the moneychangers.  That’s what you have to do sometimes to get the point across.”

no, of course not.  Jesus would mow down any Smithsonian official who dared with an AR-15.  

i guess i'm just bummed because it would have been fun to see.  but Bible Thumpers just can't let people see that some of our Founders weren't exactly the Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney types.  Christians - the reason we can't have nice things.  

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Edison's Neanderthalic response to the withdrawal of the atheist exhibit is too typical of what I would expect from an entitled christian who can't conceive of this country being anything other than christian and determined to keep it that way.  Perhaps he needs to be brought up to speed, both on the history of its founders as well as current events (numbers of church goers dropping while the count of atheists continues to grow).

Anyone here want to suggest a write-in campaign to the Smithsonian?  I'm giving serious thought to revving up my word processor right now!

word processor, lol.  make it happen Loren.  you'll get lots of signatures right here!

I'll sign it!

Crank it out, brother! My name will be on it.

I would sign too. Give an account of any progress in this thread, so I'll know where to look.


I'm on board.

Okay, gang.

I've drafted a proposed response to the cancellation of "Atheist America" and posted it here.  PLEASE let me hear your input,especially suggestions regarding wording or additional information which may be desirable, or if you think it needs to be thrown out and restarted from scratch!  I very much want to impress upon Mr. Fredericks that he does not take this action in a vacuum, that we are indeed out there and deserving of his attention.

I was also thinking that this may want to take the form of a cyber-petition, perhaps from  I'd like to hear thoughts about that as well.

Let's get this dialed up, people!



James Smithson, Scientist/Philanthropist ...

  • The man whose money founded the Smithsonian Institution.

I'll sign it!

Well folks, apparently we have all be HAD!!!!! Turns out is fake news site. I began to wonder when I Googled Smithsonian and Atheism American, and the only two sites that mentioned anything about it was and A|N (Yeah, us!).

Just goes to show we can be as gullible as everyone else out there.

You know, sometimes I can’t help feeling like I’m in a bad Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon surrounded by a world of theistic Boris’s and Natasha’s.

David, you just said a mouthful!




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