I used to love my cigarettes. They'll wake you up, calm you down, give you a reason to stop working for five minutes. It's great to have one after meals. Driving down the road in the car, a smoke just makes it better. Man, I liked those things.

Last year, a friend of mine and fellow guitarist/singer died of lung cancer at age 50. Then my sisters husband died of lung cancer at about age 52. This was also about the time I became atheist. I reasoned out that I need to quit smoking so I wouldn't die so young (I was already 45). So about six months ago I quit. Yay!

Last month I found out one of the managers of a club I work sometimes was diagnosed lung cancer. She's in her mid fifties. Last week one of my best old musician friends was diagnosed with emphysema. He's two years older than me. Yesterday my wife's mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. She's 55.


When I smoked, I would really get pissed about people telling me to quit.

Now, I look at all these events, and my kids, and my wife and I think "I hope I quit soon enough."


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Yeah, it's dumb Andy. I started around 1980. It wasn't much of a consideration. It seemed like everybody smoked. All my family did. People walked around inside banks and stores smoking. It wasn't like today. I actually stopped cigarettes nearly two years ago, but I continued the nicotine habit with little cigars when I really wanted something, maybe one a day. Pried myself away from that six months ago. Regardless, I should have quit much sooner, but it is EXTREMELY difficult for some of us. I think my abandonment of the afterlife idea is what finally gave me the proper motivation. "I'm gonna die sooner or later. Why not later?

I'm always glad for someone who never started.

Congrats on 6 months! It just gets easier as time goes on. I'm embarrassed to say this, but I started at 12! I'm almost 31. I finally quit last year- next week will be 18 months. It's quite an accomplishment to quit smoking, and you should feel proud of yourself. I've only known 2 people to have lung cancer, but I hear (and witnessed) that it is a miserable way to die. Since this is the one life we have, I definitely do not want to spend the end of it in misery.
Dear brave ex-smokers, "Live long and prosper!"
Agreed...My dad smoked..I always found it disgusting and now have allergies to the smoke...And yeah,tobacco killed him,as it did most of my uncles.
Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and your best friend.
Wish you the best as you stop smoking.
HAHA. Sorry about that. That's always been my attitude until a short time ago. Now I am a little worried about if it has hurt me. I won't tell anybody to quit. You gotta do what you like. Just saying how it's been for me.
oh man. damn brand names...
I knew a mom that quit but loves her pot ; )
Congratulations on quitting smoking!  I understand it is harder to quit cigarettes heroine.  I have an elderly aunt with MS who smokes and my uncle died last Feb. from lung cancer.  I hadn't spoken to her in years when the first thing she said was she wasn't going to quit smoking.  I figured the poor woman just lost her husband and has Kevorkian bad MS, it doesn't often get worse than that, let her have her smokes.

I smoked as a teenager, then in the Army.  In those days cigarette smoking was encouraged (smoke if you got em") and subsidized in the commissary.  Smoking made me feel like I was one of the guys.  After getting out, money was so tight.  I started to resent my addiction.  Somewhere I got the idea, tobacco companies were subsidizing right wing politicians - I don't know any more if that was really true.  I put a 3X5 card into my cigarette pack stating "1 smoke = 2¢ for Reagan" so every time I smoked I saw that expression.  I hated Reagan.  I quit in a few weeks.  


I still tell people that when they quit smoking, they are not losing a "friend", they are gaining freedom.  And life, and health, but mostly freedom.


People always say you never quit craving them.  Maybe that's true for some people, but I haven't wanted a cigarette for decades.  My grandfather smoked heavily.  When I'm around a smoker I always think of him.  He was quite a guy, it's a good memory.

Kudos!  I quite 4 years ago for the manyth time.  Here is a great radio lab on this topic:
Zelda Gamson tried for decades to stop smoking. But while one part of her wanted to quit, another part just didn't want to let go. So, how do you win a tug-of-war with yourself?

I don't hate so much people; but I do hate that idiot greedy bastard prolly excoke or still coked up ... ex guvnah of FL! (research will show that he funded the massive project) money laundering scheme i mean:

anyhow the non brand name natural ones (yeah i broke down and tried.. not bad acutally. not harsh and totally not addicted.. beer? well.. vodka yum once in a while too)
So far so good for smokers in FL. funny though to get the deal and i guess break free from brand names some folks told me it was hard on the body/nicking etc.. but saving money and lungs is nice...
(shit they should pay me for that... ; (
It cracks me up the loophole is that the owner literally takes your hand and puts it on the cigarette maker; but you make your own blends! what?! LOL payce!



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