Well, this is just painfully ironic.  I've never actually seen this show, Snake Salvation, which is now canceled,  as I don't get the National Geographic Channel. But from my understanding, it chronicled Jaime Coots, a snake-handling Pentecostal preacher in Kentucky.  Jaime Coots was the man who die after being bitten by a snake.   He was found dead on Saturday night. After Pastor Coots was bitten, he was urged to seek medical attention, but refused. Last year, Coots pleaded guilty to violating Tennessee's exotic animal law.

Earlier this year, Coots' mentee, Andrew Hamblin, was quoted as saying

"When you feel the anointing and God moves on you to take up serpents, even if one of 'em lays fangs into you, you shall not be harmed."

As I said I have never seen the show "Snake Salvation", but I have seen footage of these so-called "Snake preachers", and I think they are completely insane.

Your thoughts?

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While I don't take glee in the death of another human, there is a bit of schadenfreude pipe smoking going in my mind (snakenfreude? serpentfreude?). Unfortunately his followers will not see the error of their snake handling ways and stop. I haven't seen the show either, but have seen other documentaries on it. Insane doesn't begin to describe the level of stupidity and denialism that's going on.

It seems to me that the National Geographic Channel sacrificed a good deal of its respectability in presenting a series which might possibly encourage other people in this kind of foolishness. Apparently Coots went home after he was bitten and refused the attention of medical personnel who went to his house.

This leads me to wonder if television programming is becoming crude and sensationalistic. I would hate to see that happen.

You might ask those who produce such hits as The Jerry Springer Show, Survivor, Wife-Swap, or The Biggest Loser, among too many others.  I wonder if they think television has become "crude and sensationalistic."

Then again, I wonder if they THINK ... at all.

Loren, aren't those shows the biggest bunch of garbage you've ever had to see the ads for. I'm sure, like me, you've never seen the shows. The ads are something l can't escape from no matter how l try.

What an interesting use of the word becoming.


Lol Sentient, that would be a damned shame.
How would we ever live without 16 and pregnant. Or, My 600 lb life.

I've seen part of the program on NGC; I hated it because the snakes obviously didn't like it. The snakes were of course seen as The Devil's Channel and not treated right. I can't help thinking that if someone goes out of his way to look for trouble he'll find it sooner or later.

They could start. new TV series. "Christian Dumbass". "Christian Survivor" might also be entertaining.

Daniel, I thought they already had a 'Christian Dumbass'  show - Duck Dynasty.

Pat I stand corrected. Thank you!




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