So, I, like many others HATE the trappings that come with a person saying "God bless you" or even, simply "Bless you." Do we thank them? Do we ignore them? Do we explain that we're atheists and get drawn into a debate? Or do we come up with something to say to folks that's non-religious, but a nice saying?

I have no ideas at all...that's why I'm tossing it out there.

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You know, I've tried gesundheit, but it doesn't really roll off my tongue very well. I thought about just screaming "WOOOO!" at the top of my lungs when people sneeze. Probably wouldn't work either.

Maybe just saying "Goddamn!"
"nice one."


"I've heard better"
I really don't say anything.

Wasn't the belief that when you sneeze God ejected a demon out of your body?
The main reason it concerns me personally is work. "Bless you" (not "God bless you") has become more cultural than religious in the US. I sneeze relentlessly due to hardcore allergies. So, I hear a lot of "bless you". I usually respond with "Thanks" simply because I'm in a management/leadership role at work and scoffing at someone's "kindness" won't really give me good marks regardless of my reasoning. So, it's basically a conflict of interest.

I replied to someone's intro earlier today and they'd asked about religious issues while at work. I honestly am not going to risk anything while on the job (it's how I put feed my kids) to satisfy my atheist needs. Now, outside of work, ignoring the comments are absolutely a good method.

Sorry for the late clarification.
Yeah, a lot of people consider it rude if you don't say "bless you" after they sneeze or if you don't say "Thank you" after they say "bless you". It's a really stupid custom, but somehow it has become a staple of our culture.

Why don't people say it when you cough? How about when you fart? Well, actually, I have had a couple of situations where somebody farted and it smelled so bad that I exclaimed "Oh my God!" lol
I don't really mind it. It's not really a religious thing in my opinion, it's just a sneeze, despite all the fairy tales people made up about them. Hell, I even say Bless You sometimes without realizing it. It's just a nice thing to say.
Yeah, i find my self saying bless you as an involuntary action. I don't realize i've said it most times until its too late. It's funny though, because until i was like 12 or something I thought people were saying 'Blesh you', and I adopted the bad pronounciation, so even today my involuntary reaction is a Blesh you.
Well, when people say "God bless you" to me, I explain that if they really want to bless me that I'd rather have a dollar.

My live-in girlfriend gets upset when I don't say it to her when she sneezes, so one day I went way overboard:

In a most sarcastic tone, "May the lord jesus christ bestow a million blessings upon thee. May he may all your dreams come true and may he get you that pony you wanted for christmas when you were six."

She asked me to keep quiet next time.
Well... I heard that when one sneezes, the heart of the person skips a beat, hence the need for a health blessing. It's no doubt a myth!
When I'm with friends and they sneeze, I say, "Shut the fuck up."

When I'm with not-friends and they sneeze, I say, "Oh dear, are you alright?"
I say nothing. Mostly that seems to go over well in my classes (maybe they're full of secret atheists) as no-one for the most part even says any of the stupid shit you can say to a sneeze when I do. (And when I do, it's several times in a row.)




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