Ok religious people he's 5! He has no concept of sexuality. He could probably dress like a princess for a year and turn out fine when he gets older. I mean after all boys think girls are yucky till they reach that certain age, and nobody worrys about calling them gay because of that.

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My 7 year old daughter was C3PO for Halloween. it did garner some comments, but who cares? Halloween is for kids and they should be happy in their costumes. Let the kid dress as he wants.
C3PO got comments? Wow what did they say. If she dresses up like a panicky robot that she might turn into one. That reminds me of Kindergarden when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and i said a robot. They said no I couldn't be one and I was sad.
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They said it was a boy's costume. Apparently, these are not die hard Star Wars fans or they would know that C3PO is a model number and comes in both the male and the female gender - if a robot can have a gender.

Sometimes mothers of girls do get comments that their daughters are too boyish. I know I do. My daughter loves robots, science, cars, extreme sports and exactly all the wrong things for a girl. Girls are supposed to play only with the stuff in the girl aisle and heaven help you if they want to hang out in the action figures and the skateboards. People can be so narrow.
I dressed as an 1800s saloon girl for Halloween. No one commented that I was going to go turn tricks on a street corner afterwards. >.X

There's such ridiculous fear of people not being black and white in the religious minds. Everyone has to be easily categorized.
What is really disturbing about this is how derogatory to women it is. I agree with the mother and have seen many girls dressed as male characters and no eyes were batted, but let a boy dress as a girl and it is just the worst thing ever. So, what is so bad about being a girl?
"If a set of purple sparkly tights and a velvety dress is what makes my baby happy one night, then so be it. If he wants to carry a purse, or marry a man, or paint fingernails with his best girlfriend, then ok. My job as his mother is not to stifle that man that he will be, but to help him along his way. Mine is not to dictate what is ‘normal’ and what is not, but to help him become a good person."

This kid's mom rocks.

This reminds me of some clients at work who let their son dress himself(sometimes in "girly" colors/prints), and wait for him to ask for a haircut before they take him in. He sits better than most kids his age, and I suspect it's because he actually wants the to have his hair cut. That's not to say that I think ill of the parents when their really young child freaks out/can't sit still during a haircut...but I'm way off topic here.

Still I think it's really cool of them for not letting other people's creepy habit of assigning sexuality to a freakin' little kid stifle him.
It's sad how accurate the Onion can be.
Oh my, what would they say about my husband?? He dressed as a 'blind date', complete with lipstick, platform heels and a sexy black dress.


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