I came across this quote today on a friends FB. 

"With the evolutionary jump now occurring with the emergence of homo spiritus, their will be a significant
achievable shift in consciousness, firstly with that group and then progressively encapsulating an ever
expanding proportion of humanity worldwide." 
-Dr. David R. Hawkins


I've got a good number of friends that buy into this or similar Mumbo Jumbo. They reject traditional western religions, but accept these "enlightened" new age type of philosophy-religions. To me, they are just trading one religion for another. One set of miracles for another. 

I think it's an overreach by people who do seem to be educated and skeptical of religion, but are still unwilling to free themselves from the shackles of a religious perspective, Basing some of their beliefs in "science" to legitimize their claims of an awakening, or a paradigm shift, shift in consciousness. These things will just magically happen, and as a result some of the sins of man like his ego will fall away. Sometimes they cherry pick Einstein quotes, or Sagan quotes to support their beliefs. 

Do you know people who hold these views? What's your opinion?

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I'm an Associate Teacher of the TM technique - Transcendental Mediation, originated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ... and I'll say this much: the technique was and is for real, and it works.  It creates a restfully alert state of consciousness, uniquely quantifiable by multiple physiological parameters.  Where TM went wrong was:

  1. In expanding its realm of claims beyond what I just stated and
  2. Indulging in the kind of language this "spirit science" is currently doing.

Or as Aerosmith put it:

It's the same old story,
Same old song and dance!

I saw my astral body the first time I did TM - a shape vaguely like me, floating horizontally about 5 feet above me and connected to me by a cord. 

I must say, I have experienced the benefits of meditation and I think atheists would be silly to discount "spiritual" experience. Doesn't mean we need to accept the supernatural claims, but spiritual experiences do happen.

"I" had extremely profound experiences involving meditation.  I put "I" in quotes because the "I" who started was not the I who emerged. 




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