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So think about this... God created Jesus specifically to be killed.

At any point God could have changed his mind and just let Jesus live a nice full life...

He didn't though, he made sure a complicated series of events transpired to get Jesus executed.

Then what... where did Jesus "go" when he died? Heaven? Then he gets to be Vice God forever?

So what was God doing up there when Jesus was being injured? Do you think God cried? Even felt bad?

Why would God be upset anyway? Supposedly, he knew he was going to kill Jesus before he even made Adam and Eve.

Either that or Jesus had to die to fix Gods mistakes. Like "Oops, maybe I shouldn't have put that tree there".

So lets look at the situation, we have Humanity, who was cursed with smartness from eating a magic fruit. Why did god create the magic fruit? For us to eat of course. There's absolutely no other reason for God to have created that stupid tree.

So a talking snake convinces Eve to eat the apple or whatever. Now, at this point, before she ate the food, how smart WERE Adam and Eve anyway? Were they smart enough to know what the consequences of the fruit would be?

So ok, the fruit like, poisoned the human bloodline or... something? I don't know... of any fruit that alters your DNA or actually gives you "knowledge"... I guess god destroyed the tree and the garden after he was done making sure people were all sinners.

So God gets mad at us. Mr forgiveness gets mad at our whole race. And he wants stuff to be killed in his name. Like seriously, read the Bible, there's page after page, about how God likes "the sweet savor unto the Lord." God loves his fat. So yeah, God kills a LOT of stuff. Some argue God didn't make us to love us, he made us to torture and kill. (Not me because I don't believe there IS a god, which is how I can be more objective than most about this stuff)

So here comes Jesus, he's here to die. Srry Jesus. Dn't wrry tho, Yu'll geh bettr.

So anyway, God is up there watching Jesus get the dickens pounded out of him, he doesn't help, or anything. Because Jesus "has" to die, because uh... otherwise God can't forgive us?


Has anyone ever really thought about this?

Couldn't your all powerful God do whatever the hell he wanted? Why does a specific set of requirements have to come to pass before he could forgive us?

And why that specific event? Couldn't God have set it up so that Jesus having an orgasm forgave us of our sins? I bet Jesus would have liked that a lot better.

So the way it "really" happened. God watches Jesus die. Jesus is dead. Uh... where is Jesus?

Back up in heaven sitting on the couch eating Nacho's and watching X-Files? Didn't Jesus just teleport from the cross to heaven when he died?

Yeah... John 3:16... ok whatever. Makes no friggin sense.

Do you guys even think about this stuff before you turn on your "faith" and just believe whatever is put in front of you no matter how nonsensical?

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God didn't create jesus, Jesus was God incarnate. Duh!!

That should explain things nicely for you :)

I love the "WTF was God thinking for putting the damn tree there in the first place". Actually, I think you'll find more sophisticated christians don't take the story quite so allegorically. What the story apparently shows, is that "original" sin was doing things without God.

The result was a seperation from God, which was not of God's choosing, but was a result of the free-will of mankind. Since the 1st humans decided to do things without God, all subsequent humans learnt this trait, and exhibited the same quality, it was unavoidable.

God has been attempting to reconcile mankind to himself, since this first occured, and needed to do certain "things" to get humans to listen again. God then decided to plop down to planet earth, and show humanity, via the resurrection that death was not the end, and that life had meaning and purpose. And it was only "through" believing in christ(god) that you can be reconcilled with him. IE, you have to choose God, as he cannot force you to be with him, anymore than he can force you to obey his will.

And then begins 2000 years of very strange human history and bizarre sexual behaviour.

Trust me on this, they have had a VERY, VERY, VERY long time to discuss their beleifs, and pretty much any argument you come up with, has already been thought through and they have a counter-argument. Those philosophers of the christian church, weren't as stupid as people think. They were the intellectual heavy weights of their day, and some of the insights were actually amazing.

And Some of the counter-arguments are quite interesting to be honest. Human ingenuity at it's finest.

Catholics and anglicans scoff and laugh at those that take the bible allegorically as much as we do btw(of course in a much kinder, more ..ahem...christian way, or so they think).

Edited to say: Forgivasm...BWAHAHAHAHAH...I love it!!

Um... god was a fictional character in a book.

He didn't feel anything because he didn't exist.

By the way, how do you think the bugblatter beast from traal felt after his mother drowned in a bog pit?
So? Fictional characters have feelings too.
He is indeed...And to punish all humans from then on is just absurd. Talk about carrying a bloody grudge!!!!!
And if jeebus died for our so called sins why do xtains still say everyone is a sinner?
Why do they stand by public roads and hold up retarded:"REPENT." signs?




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