i've been watching the original series all weekend on PBS.  tonight the epic return featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, on Fox and NatGeo!  yes, SCIENCE bitches!!  set your DVR's!!

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k.h. ky You do have a way with words. Here is a wonderful place to put your words into a form where others can read them and we all benefit. I love it when someone catches me in a fallacious statement. I feel kind of like I have a cloud of witnesses joining with me in developing strong arguments, well reasoned conclusions, and criticisms that make my writing stronger. 

We need to recognize our science students at all levels of education. Take some of the energy put into sports, and refocus some of it on the hard sciences. Science fairs, awards for excellence, encourage young people to do research even at the elementary level, on topics of importance today, such as solar energy experiments, alternatives to the combustion engine ... well that would be as they are older. Even experiments in botany, biology, any of the living sciences. Emphasis the basic science. 

When I was in highschool one of my classmates was a genius in chemistry. He would give demonstrations at many of our convocations, ie. put a rose in with dry ice, bring it out and drop the rose on the floor. I will never forget the sound of that rose shattering. ALL THESE YEARS LATER!


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