i've been watching the original series all weekend on PBS.  tonight the epic return featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, on Fox and NatGeo!  yes, SCIENCE bitches!!  set your DVR's!!

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Where did I say I didn't want to discuss it"???   i'm just not reacting to people like you who misinterpret and think they can tell someone how they should think, feel or do anything. I said I was disappointed in the show. Geez ya'll are ridiculous I just laugh, I'm not "thin" anything or ignoring anything.  Saying he's an engineer and more sophisticated was just bragging and that was the "so what".  Go boggle your mind some more somewhere else.  I want to talk about stuff that is meaningful.


he may not be playing to me but he's rubbing all the right spots so far.  i was weirdly shocked by the arguments Tyson laid out - like straight out of a Dawkins book - b/c it was on prime time by a major network.  and we know that near half the country (is comically stupid) doesn't believe in evolution, so it's a bold decision in today's political environment.  i don't know why i was so surprised that they "went there" so early in the series, but i was.  and it was riveting.  

Watched the 2nd one on my computer and it was stunning. The photography, both real and imagined did a great job of telling the story so that anyone could understand the meaning of his words. 

Comparing Tyson with Sagan is like comparing a splendid orange with a delightful apple. 

I like his directness, clearly stating the evidence in support of his claims.

Reading Ham's first review was hilarious. Pure comedy. 

Frankly, I am fed up with trying to listen politely to religious jabberwocky; it wastes my time and gives me nothing worth hearing. I have far more fun and interest in facing the real world, good and bad, and talking with one who is questioning. The certainty of theology and circular thinking has no place in my live. 

Speaking of life, according to the Farmer's Almanac:

  • The Moon forms a lovely tight triangle with blue Spica and orange Mars on the 18th, best seen after 11:00 P.M.

I didn't compare Tyson to Sagan. I said the "cosmic calendar" was simply a repeat segment from a Sagan episode  The second episode was better.  I love to read and listen to Tyson, Dawkins, the great Hitchens, Krauss, Greene, Harris and others who let me know I wasn't alone in feeling that after being raised in and sent to catholic school I could break the bonds of forced religion and determine for myself that I was a non-believer. I joined yesterday looking for open-minded people who felt the same, and just as in any "ism" found only attackers.

MMF, I re-read the string and have the proverbial two hands on your statement that you "found only attackers" here. On the one hand, people on this site speak very honestly and don't mince words and they expect others to be clear, specific, concrete in their expressions. 

On the other hand, we each have had our rounds of knock downs and "hitch slaps" from time to time. Kind of like a loving family fighting. 

My strategy is to give as good as I get, don't take disagreement personally, and know you are on the same road as each of us, trying to crawl our ways out of the pits and mind-binding that religion kept us trapped in, even as we try to create a new perspective on life and living, given we don't have a benevolent father looking out for us and loving us unconditionally nor do we have the fear of hell or hope of heaven. 

If, in one case, you refer to my statement about Sagan and Tyson, that came from my own reaction to statements comparing the two men. They are different. Tyson is not mimicking Sagan, and I am happier for it. 

Welcome to the string, join in speaking your truth, and expect a reaction. 

nice referreeing Joan.  i echo her sentiments.  i wasn't really sure what got so touchy so i just stayed away.  

i see no reason for many disagreements on this thread.  Cosmos has been all any of us had hoped it would be and more.  Tyson's style is certainly different from Sagan, but who among us hoped for a clone?  and let's not forget that we're only 2 deep out of 13 - imagine some of the ground they will cover in the next 11 episodes!

In my opinion, we each have a touchy spot and react to things based on old histories. Some are more sensitive than others. We could all develop thicker hides and roll with the reactions, whatever they be. 

Cosmos is a great topic, I am so excited by all the chatter taking place and wonder what will settle out in the wash/rinse cycle. 

I, personally, am getting tired of holding people's hands when they get their feelings hurt. Guess I am not a very sympathetic person, as far as that goes. We have been too polite in remaining silent when outrageous laws, based on ancient texts, invade our lives. I would love to be as gentle as Daniel, but lo, I want to see change before I fit into the worm hole.


Thanks.  No I wasn't referring to your statement sorry if I didn't catch the right reply.  My sister won't let me talk about religion anymore because I get very upset at televangelist who prey on older people, my other sister thinks god suspends the laws of physics i.e. miracles, and a long time personal friend went off the cliff into evangelicalism and said he believed in planned evolution/intelligent design.  I have no one to talk to because we don't have a "church" for atheists.  Dawkins for Pope!

But I did get a big laugh when I read last week that the Joel Olsteen mega church was robbed of $600,000 like thieves in the temple of the money changers.

MFF, I'm sorry to hear that you've had some negative experiences on other atheist websites.  Atheist/Nexus is the only atheist forum I've been involved with, so I have no honest way of making comparisons. 

I would like to say that Joan is quite correct.  The community here at Atheist/Nexus is extremely genuine and very civil.  None of us would be here if we weren't passionate about our own personal feelings and experiences, past and present, regarding atheism and theism.  Admittedly, there are times when serious clashes occur, but those occasions are very rare. 

The beauty of this particular site, Atheist/Nexus, is that it covers a wide array of topics through its many interest groups and posted discussions. From the philosophically and scientifically serious to the unrelated, everyday mundane, there is a niche for everyone to choose from. 

I was sorry to see that there was some perceived friction in this discussion with member Loren Miller.  If I may be so bold to say that Loren is a highly respected, very active, and well-liked valuable participant in our community.

Your first encounter here may have been negatively different than what you were hoping, which is why I wanted to take the time to honestly express my thoughts to you, not only about Loren but also about the rest of our community as a whole.  I welcome you to Atheist/Nexus and to this particular discussion.  Hopefully your experience here will only get better.  Judging from what you've mentioned about your past, I'm sure you have some interesting contributions to make. 

The check is in the mail, guy!  [grin!]  And MFF, our Flying Atheist speaks sooth - this is a good place.  Do yourself a favor and stay a while.  I think you'll find it's worth your time.

Loren, very rarely do I disagree with you ... in this case, I agree 100% Great job!

FA, well said.


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