i've been watching the original series all weekend on PBS.  tonight the epic return featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, on Fox and NatGeo!  yes, SCIENCE bitches!!  set your DVR's!!

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Not only will I shed no tears, I'll rejoice, although probably not by running naked in the street shouting eureka!

I think we haven't heard of Bruno before because he made a lucky guess, according to Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

The first I heard of Giordano Bruno was a couple years back, courtesy of (big surprise!) another atheist.  I think he was less astronomer than he was philosopher, but as I said before, his concept of getting past limits had to be pretty radical back in his day.

His god (and his universe) were indeed bigger than that of the catholics ... which is probably why they killed him.

Did I get suckered tonight! And it was funny. Had a great day in Court and went out afterward for a libation. Met a guy who watched Dr. Tyson and Cosmos last night. We were having a great conversation about it, and he mentioned the scene where Voyager I was the first human spacecraft to go to interstellar space. We talked about the Kuiper Belt, and the disc on Voyager that had recorded sounds from Earth. He then told me we had received a message back from interstellar space. I looked at him and basically said "WTF?!"

He said yes, we had. An alien civilization had listened to the disc and sent the following message. "Please send more Chuck Berry!"

"Oh, Maybellene, why can't you be true?  Oh, Maybellene...."

hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!!!   can i steal this?  please say yes!

Please feel free. I'm still chuckling about it.

That joke is sooooo old! Sorry Pat.

Maybe older than me, for all I know. And I'm no spring chicken. First time I ever heard it, and it was funny.

Hi there - here is an interactive link on the BBC site. How Big is Space. Nice preparation for the show you guys are getting. Sadly no sign of it in South Africa yet. Cheers

Thanks for the link.  BBC does good stuff too.  After Episode 1 of Cosmos, I think it'll be about all over the world before long.  It's too good to miss.  I recorded it, watched, and hit "save."

OH duh, here's a thread about it. I posted one yesterday before seeing this one.

Glad to see it's already been enjoying plenty of lively discussion. I told my atheist-friendly-catholic-co-worker about it, and he's interested but missed it. Told him it beats the crap out of all the Jesus movies put together.

He did mention wanting to see the new series "Resurrection," about people coming back from the dead. My first reaction was, "They were never dead to begin with!! Maybe their hearts stopped for a while or whatever, but that's not death." UGH.

Anyway. If only I can get him to watch that first Cosmos episode, maybe his mind would expand a bit.

If anyone is interested, here is a critical review by scientist and author Donald Prothero on the first episode of COSMOS that appears in Skeptic Magazine.




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