i've been watching the original series all weekend on PBS.  tonight the epic return featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, on Fox and NatGeo!  yes, SCIENCE bitches!!  set your DVR's!!

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last night was AMAZING.  best science education program I've ever seen.  and I've seen them all.  I'd even say it was better than Mutant Planet.  creationist heads are surely exploding all over the country. 

You're right matthew. Creationist heads are exploding. From Ken "Neck Bone" Ham's group 'Answers in Genesis', we have the statement from these anti-intellectual, ignorance promoting, science deniers that Cosmos promotes blind faith in evolution. Let the stupidity be shouted from the mountain tops.

"Blind faith"?!?  I wonder if any of those schmucks have the slightest idea of the mountains of fossil and other evidence which supports evolution?  That doesn't even mention the multidisciplinary support it has from fields as diverse as physics, geology, anthropology and genetics.

The fact is that creationists are getting their collective asses kicked ... and they KNOW it.  Sadly, the only way they know how to react is to make specious claims to the contrary.  Eventually, said response will result in laughter so loud that they may eventually learn to keep their mouths shut. 

Whoa!  Creationists evolving!

Creationists are watching it as a family as well........a dysfunctional family! 

They can make excuses all they want, Mindy ... but my suspicion is that eventually, the bible's lack of supporting evidence will run up against science's utter dedication to evidence, as well as rationality and logic, and the bible will come up wanting.

Not a fast or easy or even guaranteed process ... but I'd be willing to bet it's happening in places.

There's a certain satisfaction in watching science, like an unstoppable steamroller, unapologetically progress forward against the ridiculous claims of religion and willful ignorance.  This Cosmos is pulling no punches and is doing so quite eloquently.

"Creationism's days are numbered; Cosmos frightens them more than anything has in a very long time. Everyday their numbers get smaller and smaller and their grasp on America becomes weaker and weaker."

I love last night's episode.  Love the fact that NDT called evolution a fact, and left no room for argument.  

Oh, yes Alex, I'd forgotten that Tyson called evolution a FACT,  That was perhaps my favorite part.  Thanks for reminding me.

Like Loren, I want to watch it again.

If anyone wants to watch it again, who did't record it, you can see both the first and second episodes, in full here.

Here's the complete link.

Most excellent, Pat!  Thank you for posting that!

Pat, thank you so much. I don't have a TV, and am grateful to get to see Cosmos so soon after its beginning. I watched the first episode and am just as enthralled as I was all those years ago when I fell in love with the universe through Carl Sagan. I am very glad that Tyson is not trying to replicate Sagan. He is as he is.

Tyson and I had a lovely conversation some years ago by email. It was after he did the Islam's Golden Age video. My experience with him, even though it was by computer, was as gracious as Sagan's time spent with the young Tyson. 

I Appreciate you sharing




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