I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself :) I just recently stopped hiding the fact that I'm an atheist and the reactions from supposed friends and family has been... interesting, to say the least. So I'm really glad I found this site!

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Welcome, sorry you had the bad reactions. That's one of the reasons I'm mostly in the closet.

Yeah, I kinda wish now I hadn't said anything... I'm not invited to xmas with my family anymore, and most of my friends and family took me off FB and won't take my calls- my own grandmother deleted me, I didn't even know she knew how to work Facebook well enough to delete people LOL, but it is what it is. I'm in the deep south in the Bible belt though so it's about what I expected. Honestly, even though the backlash has been a bit rough, it's still very much a relief to have everything out in the open.

Jees, these "loving" christians are so good at hate. I suppose hate appears to be institutionalised in christianity (and the other silly abrahamic religions) so it really shouldn't be surprising that they're so good at it.

You are not alone - we are all here and some of us are in the buybull belt too. Welcome, relax, take a load off and of course, enjoy reality my friend.


Sorry to hear that your family has not been welcoming of your honesty.  I hope they will gradually come around.  It's really tough.  In my own "journey", I went through a Unitarian Universalist period, more to have a welcoming community than because I believed in gods (many Unitarians dont).  My family was pretty horrified about Unitarianism, told me it was a cult, and told me I should get out when I could.  

Ignorance is such an ugly thing.  

I hope that you can find people in your community who are atheist or at least open to it.

Thanks for sharing your story of family backlash, Nickole. I agree with Sentient Biped. It would be good to find a few local atheist friends, so your family's withdrawal doesn't leave you feeling isolated. And please keep in touch with us about how things are going.


Religion doesn't bring people together.  It only tears them apart.


Luckily for me, I never had to deal with a coming out process.  Instead I had to deal with my mother and sister becoming devout xtians/insane.  I was close to both of them but now we never talk.  My sister ran away from home at 17 (for very good reasons) and I was the only one that kept in touch.  We haven't spoken a word in more than a year now.

You're right about that. Tearing people apart is about all it's good for.

Thanks y'all... I did find a local freethinkers group on Facebook so I'm going to try and go to one of their events.

It's been a few days since I last heard from my family... For awhile they were blowing my phone up constantly, and they started calling my  husband at work. From what I gather it's all my fault- I'm a huge disappointment evidently. They made a big deal of some stuff on Facebook of all things- it was rediculous. Everything is just a mess right now and nobody is talking to me. I'm not sure what to do with their christmas presents... I'm either going to have my husband drop them off at my mom's work or I'm going to donate them to charity. I haven't decided yet. I had to deactivate my FB though... I made another one because I really missed playing Cityville LOL. Some people have told me that it will probably blow over, but I don't think it will...

You'll find people locally (and here) who think the way you do, hopefully sooner than later. Statistically there's likely more than one other freethinker in your burg, that you can connect with.

Regarding the gifts, send your mother a clear message that you've already got the gifts wrapped and ready to deliver (assuming they are) and if she doesn't want them they will indeed go to charity. I see either "give them to me now!" or "no gifts from dirty atheists in my family" happening. I think either way you come out ahead, but it's got to be up to her.

That's true... no more prayer requests and no more people telling me to have a Merry CHRISTmas LOL




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