I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself :) I just recently stopped hiding the fact that I'm an atheist and the reactions from supposed friends and family has been... interesting, to say the least. So I'm really glad I found this site!

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Welcome to free thinking! I am pretty new myself,and not completely "out". About half of my family is still in the dark. I have gotten a mixed reaction from those that I have told. I commend you on your bravery! :)

Welcome Nickole and Zen.  And, as I usually say - welcome fellow heathens and apostates.  Happy Winter Solstice - the real reason for the season.  Seriously, glad you're here. Sorry about the family thing, Nickole. The one thing you, me, and the rest of us have in common is that we know this life is the only one we have, so dive on in, enjoy, learn, and from your personal  experience teach, with all of us for all it's worth.


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