I've been dating this girl for a while now, and I knew she was Catholic.  I knew that going into it and I accept that.  She knows that I'm an Atheist. 


The other day somehow we got on the subject of abortion.  I simply told her that I'm pro-choice, and don't think that I have any say in what a woman does with her body.  She responds by telling me that women that would consider getting an abortion are "failures as women"(I'm quoting). 


I was forced to sit there an smile and not say a thing because it left no room for discussion.  I had no idea what to say to that.


I feel like I should run away from this girl and not look back, despite the fact that we seem to be compatible in every other way.  Should I over look this, or slap myself for thinking that a relationship with this girl would actually work out?

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I'm not sure that'll mean anything.  She should accept Evolution.  Even the Pope admits that that's how God created the world, and Genesis is just metaphor.  The Catholic church accepts a great deal of the Bible as parable and relies more heavily upon Papal edict.


Your idea has merit, though, besides your choice of particulars.  You should pull out all of the Catholic dogma and run through it with her.  See where you're likely to have conflicts and see if you can deal with it.


If you discuss every little detail to death, you're less likely to have relationship-destroying surprises further down the road, as long as everyone is honest during the discussion.  The big issue I've run into with dating theists and why I've sworn off of ever dating one again is that they'll often be dishonest, either with you or with themselves, about how accepting they are of your atheism and how reasonable they'll be about not pushing their own beliefs.

There are litterally dozens of important ethical/political/educational decisions to be made in life and in a couple and as parents. I'm pretty certain that once you've been honest about a broad spectrum of facts and opinions, not just evolutionary processes, a difference in life objectives and priorities will become apparent.

affect :P

...too late to fix :( ...   :P

Remind me to go ballistic on your spelling, sometime.  There's a beautiful example right above ... and some bad formatting of a list of three items ... and 'in a couple'?  Really?  :-D  'Part of' a couple or 'as' a couple, I would buy.


What's obnoxious is that it was 'effect' in the original sentence construction, and then I decided to simplify the sentence structure, since it seemed a little needlessly elaborate.  I forgot to flip over the verb.
LMAO! bla bla bla :P
Very probably, yeah.  It's still worth poking about before he runs like hell.  It's amazing how many Catholics are backsliders, just going through the motions, never letting what happens at mass affect their life outside of mass.  I don't particularly think he's got one of those, considering the way she stated her objection to abortion, but it's worth being sure.
Ahem, I agree, the sooner and the more poking the better :P

I received some hope earlier today.  We somehow got on the subject of Penacostals and Evangelicals and their "speaking in tounges" and she commented on how retarded she thought the concept of people speaking gibberish was. 


So at least on some things she'll think for herself.

Or she just thinks the ignorant rituals and docrtines of all other religions are inferior to those of her own...



Sounds about right.  I've heard fundamentalist Christians around here mock Pagans for doing things that are in their own freaking Bible.


I've been to Pentecostal churches a few times, though.  It is freaking hilarious.




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