So, it appears we have all been proven wrong...

Louisiana physicist has proved God's existence

"In this case, he followed it through what he calls the Cosmological Singularity Principle. 'God is the cosmological singularity, out of which the universe sprang. God created the universe, he will guide the universe, and until finally the universe will recollapse into him. The final singularity which is the same as the initial singularity. The cosmological singularity at its fullest extent is, in fact, God.'" 

Not freaking likely. 

I like how they don't actually include the proof because, if you are like the Dean of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, "One difficulty is knowledge today is so specialized, someone like me can't follow the math."


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I'm still waiting to be proven wrong.
Fair enough... again. ;)
Tipler has almost a whole chapter devoted to him in Shermer's Why People Believe Strange Things.
"Tipler makes the bold claim that the singularity at the beginning of the universe "has the essential properties of God."


Am I missing something here? Did the bible have a mathematical theorem as to "god's properties?"

... wait, how much valence charge did god have? What was his mass again?

Hold on, I think I can re-create his work.
(Equations regarding expansion of universe.) where by deltaE = talking rat, and deltaM = flying elephant.

Oh... shit. Just found proof for the World of Disney.
Maybe the drug addict likes sucking dick.
Gee Dave, you're getting a bit too intellectual there for the rest of us I do believe!
Tipler was once a great physicist and has since become a laughing stock. His book 'The Physics of Immortality' seems to be almost pure fantasy. This recent announcement is, unfortunately, in line with his decline.
so I guess that means that the Louisiana physicist just poofed god out of existence, because of the old adage that if you could prove god exists then he would cease to exist. kind of like Douglas Adams' babel fish.
Proof denies faith and without faith I am nothing. Then god vanishes in a puff of Logic.
Can't miss with DA...
Tipler, evidently, doe not know that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. It will NOT collapse but in fact will expand until it loses all its heat, the stars will burn out, and it will cease, for all practical purposes, to exist. The future is cold, very cold.




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