So, it appears we have all been proven wrong...

Louisiana physicist has proved God's existence

"In this case, he followed it through what he calls the Cosmological Singularity Principle. 'God is the cosmological singularity, out of which the universe sprang. God created the universe, he will guide the universe, and until finally the universe will recollapse into him. The final singularity which is the same as the initial singularity. The cosmological singularity at its fullest extent is, in fact, God.'" 

Not freaking likely. 

I like how they don't actually include the proof because, if you are like the Dean of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, "One difficulty is knowledge today is so specialized, someone like me can't follow the math."


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I think that we are missing a BIG point. I think that God whose existence has just been proven by Tipler, is not the same God that people worship, because I do not see a connection between that God and the God people pray to from the Bible. I mean the "plan" for the universe is executing as it has been for billions of years and this other God just came into the picture like a few thousand years ago. Anyhow that is not my Big point though.
The BIG point is that Big Old God is actually not listening, he does not have ears for humans of for that matter anyone we call living or dead. He does not listen to anything and does not give a flying F... about how and what we think. So I think it is not the same God.
Well that said I prefer to call that not listening God a Dog as that is someone who prefers not to listen to me and kinda has a similarity in behavior, like, does what it wants or needs and does not care as to what I think. So overall that neighbor's Dog I am talking about here who lives 5 doors down and walks by my house and pees on my driveway, seems more similar to the bigger God Tipler proved. I don't care about that God and wish it never existed so people would not waste my time trying to talk about something NONE OF US have not ability to influence or observe.
I mean I would rather talk about the crab grass in my backyard that flare up my allergies than a "God" that is removed from all aspects of interaction we can think or experience.
That is madness, I cannot believe the lengths people will go to try to prove such ignorance. This is no longer religion, something entirely else. Pointless and wasteful opinions which can be interpreted differently by every entity in existence, which is what this is. All it involves is feelings and opinion, not facts, no math, no knowledge.
Madness? THIS IS CHRISTIANITY! RAAAARGH! *Kicks into pit of eternal doom*
Let me see if I got this right; God showed up (from where I can't say) as an infinitely hot and dense little glob - blew the holy shit out of himself and then........?
I'm trying to rank this on my "Stupid Shit People Think" list.
One difficulty is knowledge today is so specialized, someone like me can't follow the math.

If he's so rock solid on his theory, why doesn't he hire someone who can follow the math?
Because then someone might figure out he divided by zero... I have no direct knowledge of this, just a hunch.




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