Watching Star Trek: Enterprise and Capt. Archer brought up the Trinian Creation Mythology. Sounds suspiciously like the garden of eden mythology. I wonder, really I do, what other non earthly civilizations share a creation myth? We CAN'T be the only species in our galaxy or elsewhere. Let the interplanetary dialog flow!!!

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But I rather find it funny over our own complete lack of fantasy here :D I mean, even if we now assume other humanoid species exists in the universe and they might have religious creation myths, what makes us believe that they should even be remotely similar to ours? Even among humans there is a huge array of creation myths from giant earth women spitting out the earth from their divine vaginas from treets spouting out of nowhere with giant branches and that earth itself is just a part of the divine we believe in. And these are just three examples, there is so much more out there.

And my point is, of all the ideas ever come up with, they have to necessarily pick the Abrahamic creation myth as basis? No, if there are other species out there their myths are not anything we've seen or heard before because those myths are based upon their worldviews and in their world in which they live in. Unfortunately we are limited by our own experiences and we cannot make up things of which we cannot relate to the world around us.

Anyway, sorry, I don't think my reply was the one you expected to get :P I just couldn't stop myself.
Oh,I agree...If they have myths at all...And another thing...Nose wrinkles does not an alien make.


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