My name is Trevor and I am agnostic. I say that because i have no significant amount of knowledge about any religion. I am 20 years old and, for about the last five or six years i have been really looking into science and evolution. My family members are all your average christians. They have gone their entire lives truly believing there is a god up in the clouds somewhere. These very people are those who nearly sucked me into a fantasy world that would have only ended in disappointment (hens the title). I remember sitting in my room as a very young and immature child thinking that god was real just because my mom and dad said he was. I soon realized that my parents are stupid. Not academically unable, but from a different generation that thought and acted in an entirely different way than this generation does. Same with my parents' parents, and their parents, etc. That is just how it works in our ever-so-changing world. When I realized this it got me thinking; There is ONE thing that has been passed down through all of these generations, ONE thing that has created intense controversy all over the world, ONE thing that has forcefully obtained the deceptive capabilities against man as that of a cougar in a room full of sleeping infants, that one thing is religion. It is almost as if the THOUSANDS of years that men in power have been using religion to control the people of this earth have been brainwashing those very same people!!! Oh my Ala it's a new breakthrough.

I actually found myself awake all night pondering what could really be out there. The one and only logical answer I could come up with: I will just have to find out myself.

If nothing else I'm proud of my terrible paragraph formation. 100% open for video chat discussions! Have a great day everyone!

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I enjoyed reading your blog. So glad you enjoy the site. Nice to have you here.

Congrats on getting away before it was too late.  You are free :)

Lol. Thank you. And you are correct I am most definitely far more free than I would be had I not realized what was going on. Same goes for all of us I suppose.

Agnosticism is a perfectly fine way of percieving things.  Atheism is an intense form of Agnosticism.  IMO, we (atheists) are all agnostic, but some are more certain than others that there is ultimately no creator of any kind.  most here find themselves in that camp, but you are free to choose your own level of certainty.  it certainly beat wasting your time on religion, so welcome to the club!




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