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Great posts Mindy.  The child in the polluted water is heartbreaking.

I agree with you and Sentient Mindy.  Sickening and Heartbreaking.  Hard to know how to feel about the child's smiling.  I guess we make the best of what we have.

I looked up that image and found this article with similar photos:  The Most Polluted Playgrounds in the World

Tyson nailed it!

Tyson usually does nail it.  The sad fact is that we're not just dealing with scientifically illiterate adults but with adults who don't WANT to be scientifically literate, because they've been co-opted by religious and political interests that don't want the facts to be part of the discussion.

This gets into scary territory for me: when the argument is between ignorance and understanding and ignorance is DETERMINED to win the argument.

When we, as a people, give credence to the false proposition that no matter how ignorant, how anti-intellectual, how miserably stupid a particular position is, it deserves equal consideration, we're on a downhill ski slope to irrelevancy.

No kidding:

Excellent BL

hey Mel, any chance that Voter ID sign is real?  where'd you find that one?

The Voter ID sign is a bit too radical to be anything other than POE, from where I sit.

especially the Chic Fil A receipt part, lol.  

I still like Jon Stewarts take on the Chic-Fil-A protest on gay marriage. No better way to protest it than getting two hot buttered buns, put some greasy cock in between them, gobble it down, then swallow.




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