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I love these!! I collect these too - thank you and I am adding these to my collection.

Thanks bl.  I enjoy these very much.

Very good BL.

Good stuff, Mindy, all of it!

Excellent, Melinda

More keepers.  Thanks Mindy.

Oh I love them - please post more.


Thanks for sharing these Mindy. All are interesting and thought provoking posters!

I'm not sure I go along with Porco's style, but each to their own. The first sentence seems a little zen. I don't view my atoms as "living" on after I die, just recycled and whatever was "me" will be gone. But I can't argue with it. The second sentence seems a little mean. In a more positive way, one could say that grandma lives on in a sense, in memories and her heritage to her children and grandchildren, in her example and acts. Maybe Porto didn't like her grandmother.

Atheism really is the conclusion, not a belief. Nice and succinct.

Thanks again for posting! THese are great!

Very good. All true.




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